Liverpool Cake Delivery

Liverpool Cake Delivery

Did you know we offer our cake delivery service in all areas of Liverpool? If you need a cake delivered to Liverpool, then not to worry as we offer next day delivery to Liverpool on orders before 3pm, or you even can specify the date you need your cake delivered, via our online calendar as you go through the checkout.

Living in Liverpool? Or have a friend, relative, or loved one living in Liverpool who you would like to send a cake. Why not send one of our delicious sponge cakes! Making sure they are securely packaged in order to arrive in perfect condition – so you don't have to worry about ordering cake online with Sponge Cakes.

Birthday Cake Liverpool

Hosting a birthday party in Liverpool and need the perfect birthday cake? Then you are in the right place! As we offer a vast selection of Sponge Cakes of different flavours, sizes and for different dietary requirements. Offering bestselling flavours Victoria, Chocolate, Carrot, Millionaires, Rocky Road, Lemon, Cookies and Cream, Chocolate and Orange, Coffee, Red Velvet, and More! We also cater to Vegan and Gluten Free dietary requirements, so if you can’t find a Dairy Free, Vegan or Gluten Free cake in Liverpool then get birthday cake delivered right to your door!

Personalised Cakes Liverpool

You can personalise our Sponges Cakes for all events- not just birthdays! We have lots of different gift cards, candles, balloons, drinks, and cake toppers you can add to create personalised cakes whether they are for congratulations, commiserations, or even a special anniversary. There is something for everyone!

Cake Delivered to Liverpool Universities

Have a son or daughter studying at the University of Liverpool or Redmonds Building University or another one, and not able to see them on their birthday? Why not send them one of our delicious sponge cakes, personalised with one of our designed cake toppers, you can even upload a photo to go on top of the cake! Or you could send them a little care package of baby sponges with a hot drink or tipple to let them know you are thinking of them.

Know someone studying at a School in Liverpool? Like Liverpool College, and Runnymede St. Edward’s School. How about sending them a Sponge Cake for a special occasion, or just to let them know you are thinking of them?

Liverpool Cake Card Delivery

Another idea is sending a Cake Card which can be delivered to Liverpool, same day dispatch if ordered before 3pm and with free delivery. Send a friend, family member, or loved one a slice of happiness to any location in Liverpool. Our Cake Cards are great for any and all occasions and we have lots of choices for birthday cards, thank you cards, anniversary cards, or even photo cards. For every special moment, we have a card that's just right!

Liverpool Cake Club

If you are living in Liverpool and have a passion for cake, then why not join our Sponge Club! By joining our club, you’ll receive free Standard UK Delivery, up to 5 free deliveries per week, discounted Saturday and pre-10am postage, and up to 52 free deliveries per year. Just enough for one yummy Sponge per week. Free delivery is not the only perk sponge club offers, it also includes monthly perks, free 2nd slice on Cake Card, 50% off gift cards, flash offers, and exclusive products.


The population of Liverpool currently is at 897,218 with a total of 27,070 at the University of Liverpool. Interesting Liverpool is a world heritage site, which stretches along the waterfront from Albert Dock to the Pier head up to Stanley Dock. The total number of museums Liverpool has to offer is impressive and one of the best collections of museums in Europe.

Liverpool is known for having the world’s first passenger railway line, which was built in 1830 from Liverpool to Manchester. Also had the first lending library, school of tropical medicine, and school for the blind. As well as that, it holds the Guinness book of record titles for being capital of pop. More artists with a Liverpool origin have had a number one hit from any other place!

Our cake delivery service covers all areas of Liverpool including:

  • Cake delivery Birkenhead
  • Cake delivery Bootle
  • Cake delivery Warrington
  • Cake delivery Chester
  • Cake delivery Runcorn
  • Cake delivery St Helens
  • Cake delivery Wallasey
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Did you know?

Our cakes can be shipped to any location within Liverpool and are perfect for all occasions for friends and relatives to enjoy on birthdays, and much more. The perfect birthday present, anniversary, or for any special occasion. Can be delivered directly to your house, or to a special someone to receive as a surprise. Cakes can be personalised with cake toppers, and choose from a vast selection of designs for all different occasions. There are cake toppers for birthdays, christenings, anniversaries, good luck messages, new home, and much more. You can also personalise with added extras, such as greeting cards, drinks, tipples, balloons, table sparkles and much more.

Cakes delivered to Liverpool, there are many flavours to choose from, including Victoria, chocolate, lemon, coffee, red velvet, millionaires, and much more. There are also many gluten-free flavours to choose from including Victoria, carrot, lemon, chocolate, coffee, and more, there is something for everyone. Also, we have a range of vegan cakes to choose from including; vegan carrot, vegan chocolate, and vegan chocolate caramel flavours, for anyone following a vegan diet.