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We have a great range of personalised cake options for any occasion. If there's a special birthday coming up our personalised 'happy birthday' cake toppers are ideal, and you can even add the special number to the topper with our number cakes. Putting pictures on a birthday cake is a great way to celebrate. Find out more about creating your own birthday Photo cake in our blog. It's really easy to get cake toppers personalised with our online photo cake topper design tool. Who wouldn’t love birthday cakes with photos on?

Looking for a great way to congratulate someone? Say it with a cake and an edible cake topper. We can help with plenty of congratulation topper designs available to pop onto one of our yummy cakes.

A great way to personalise a cake with a name is to add it to a topper themed around their favourite TV show, film, or game. We've designed a range of cake toppers inspired by some of the most well-loved TV programs, movies, and video games. It's really easy to create a customer cake topper that you know they'll love.

Or why not make it even easier to decorate your own cake with our colouring cakes – a choice between a Victoria or Chocolate cake, and you can choose ready-made design to be printed on a topper to colour in! You also get pack of colourful edible ink pens. These cakes make a great activity for the kids and once they have finished colouring it in, they’ll make a wonderful dessert or a great gift for a loved one.

A cake doesn't go hand-in-hand with just one type of event, there are lots of reasons you might be enjoying a cake or sending it to your loved one. We have lots of designs if your favourite couple is about to celebrate an anniversary, why not add a picture of them to one of our anniversary cake toppers to make it even more spectacular?

We have so many toppers for all occasions, such as get well soon cake toppers, good luck toppers, kids birthday cake topper designs, toppers to say Thank you, ones to say I'm thinking of you, and many more.

If you're looking for a birthday cake topper that's personalised, we've got you covered. You can personalise your chosen topper design with text and other elements. You can use our new designer to add photos, text, and all sorts to really make our ready-made topper designs your own, or just leave it as it is! Our design tool is a great way to add a name to your cakes or write your own special message on a cake.

If you can't find the topper you are looking for then you can upload your own photo or even write your own message on a topper using our 'Design Your Own' topper option above.

What is a cake topper? Our cake toppers are pictures printed onto edible paper which is cut out and placed on an icing disc and then is secured on top of your chosen sponge cake.

There are two flavours of cakes available to choose from; Victoria Sponge Cake or Chocolate Sponge Cake. These flavours are available in two sizes; our medium Sponge is perfect for smaller gatherings (serving 10-12), while our large Sponge is the best choice for bigger parties (serving 18-20).

And especially good for is our colouring cakes, they're so fun, they're suitable for younger kids as the edible pens work just like felt-tip pens, and the designs are printed just like a colouring book. So, you could even use this to help them practice their colouring skills. Kids of any age will love this activity and if they're doing this for a family event, it makes the cakes extra special as they will have worked hard to colour in the topper to go on top of your yummy cake.

We deliver our personalised cakes across the UK, straight to your door. It’s quick and easy to get a personalised photo cake or other custom birthday cake delivered to you from Sponge.