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About Sponge

The Story So Far...

Sponge has been sold in our higgledy-piggledy Cafe since September 2000.

With our old school standards and eye for detail, fans were left open mouthed at the scale and flavour of the cakes. We realised there was a love affair going on.

In 2009 we took Sponge out of the comfort of their Byfords home, created a new look under the company name of SPONGE. We took our generous Sponges to county shows and received great feedback and the decision was made - we would go for it!

Much excitement, tastings, research and the usual good pinch of graft followed and here you have it. We are mad, crazy, bonkers about SPONGE and hope that you will absolutely love every mouthful.

Our simple Sponge recipe...

Sponge People

We search high and low for great people who are happy to share our values.

It's easy to cut corners... we don't.

Great British Flour, Sugar, Butter and Free range eggs all feature alongside natural flavouring, and where we can't source within the UK we find you the finest quality...

Small is Beautiful

Our Sponge is made with love and care in small batches by people who care about what they are baking.

What you see is what you get...

We are straightforward folk. We will tell you everything about our business, the product we sell, and occasionally ask for your help.
Fingers crossed, you will trust us, and we can create something we are all proud of.