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There are plenty of reasons you may have adopted a dairy free diet, whether it’s due to an intolerance to dairy or a personal choice to avoid it.

For too long the quality of many dairy free cakes have been sub-par, at Sponge, we wanted to change this. We believe that you can have a free from dairy cake that tastes and looks as good as a standard cake, and we’ve created a range of dairy free celebration cakes to make that possible. Just check out our customer reviews.

Everyone should be able to enjoy the same quality of cake, and you shouldn’t have to suffer just because you need to avoid dairy. Our dairy free cake range has developed over time to ensure that there is no compromise, and that the eating experience is as good as that of our standard range. So, no matter what the occasion is you can get a fabulous cake for a birthday, anniversary, or any other celebration that looks and tastes great.

Looking for a gluten and dairy free cake, or a vegan cake? We cater to most dietary requirements and have great flavours to choose from in all of our ranges!

All of our dairy free desserts are available for delivery across the UK. Simply order your dairy free cakes online, add any extras you want, add delivery details, and select a delivery date. Soon, your celebration cake will be making its way to your delivery location, safely in our secure packaging.