Sponge Club

Sponge Club

Two affordable membership options with great perks and rewards

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Exclusive perks for club members

Become a club member and you will get free standard delivery on all orders as well as many other perks and discounts!

Go for our club annual membership and pay just £10 per year, or pick our club extra savers account for £2.99 and build it as credit to use at the end of the year.

Here are some of the great perks you will get as a club member:

  • Greetings Cards

    25% off Greetings Cards

  • 20% off cake cards

    20% off Cake Cards

  • Free delivery

    Free Standard Delivery

  • Personalisation Offers

    Personalisation Offers

  • Flash deals

    Exclusive Flash Offers

  • Exclusives

    Exclusive Products & Early Access

Options to suit everyone

Whether you prefer to make an annual payment so it's done and dusted, or spread out smaller payments to get back as credit - we've got you covered!

Club Extra

Club Extra

Pay monthly & build credit

£2.99 a month saved as credit for you to use on your year anniversary.

Join Club Extra
Club Extra
  • Monthly recurring payment.
  • Free Standard Delivery
  • Exclusive products, perks and offers.
  • Cannot be with other discounts (unless otherwise stated).
  • Get your membership fees back as credit after 12 months*
  • If you cancel your membership before the year has ended your credit will be lost.
  • Annual credit can only be used on Sponge products and cannot be redeemed back as cash equivalent.
Club Annual

Club Annual

Pay annually

£10 per year for 12 months membership, perks for an entire year!

Join Club Annual
Club Annual
  • Annual recurring payment.
  • Free Standard Delivery
  • Exclusive products, perks and offers.
  • Cannot be with other discounts (unless otherwise stated).
  • Membership fees are not saved as credit.

See our full terms and conditions for more details.

*Membership payments prior to Tuesday 7th June 2022 do not count towards club credit accrual.

Recent Perks & Offers

We regularly give our Sponge Club members an exclusive perk to enjoy. Check out some of our previous offers to give you an idea of what the club has to offer.

Personalised Cakes
Decorating Kits
Baby Brownies
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Did you know?

Our very own sponge club will provide you with many perks if you become a member today. Sponge Club offers discounted monthly perks, 20% off cake cards, free standard delivery, 25% off greeting cards, flash offers, and exclusive products. If you love cake then Sponge Club is the perfect club to join to satisfy your cake needs all year!

Get Whole Cakes, Baby Sponges, Sharing Cakes, Cake Toppers, and much more!

You can join for just £2.99 a month or £10 for an annual membership to receive free delivery, up to 10 per week, and if you order before 3pm to receive your cake the next day.

For added personalisation, club members get exclusive discounts on tea bags, Cake Toppers, drinks, candles, and balloons.