Sponge Club Terms & Conditions

1. Terms applying only to Sponge Club Subscriptions

1.1 Sponge Club Monthly / Annual Subscription:

  1. You must be 18, or over and a resident in the UK
  2. You are legally capable of entering into binding contracts
  3. The service is for personal use only and is not available for customers who purchase goods for business, re-sale or wholesale purposes.

2. How the agreement is formed between you and us

2.1 After placing an order and ticking to join the Sponge Club during checkout, or signing up via our Join The Club website page, you will receive an email from us acknowledging that we have received your order and you are now part of the Sponge Club.

2.2 The subscription plan for our Sponge Club consists of a first payment and then, if signing up via our 'Join the club' webpage, followed by recurring period charges as agreed to by you. Our most up-to-date pricing can be viewed on our Join The Club page here. By entering into this Agreement, you acknowledge that your subscription has an initial and recurring payment feature and you accept responsibility for all recurring charges prior to deactivation. Sponge.co.uk may submit periodic charges (e.g., monthly or annually) without further authorization from you, until you provide prior notice that you have terminated this authorization. Such notice will not affect charges submitted before sponge.co.uk reasonably could act. To terminate your authorization or change your payment method please login to your club account here - https://www.sponge.co.uk/account/login


  1. Payment for the Sponge Club Memberships are by credit/debit card. Your card details will need to be registered with us through our secure third party payment provider (Stripe).
  2. When you join the club you will be billed for your first period at the same time
  3. We will attempt to bill you via our third party, Stripe, on the anniversary (either every month or every year depending on membership choice).
  4. If payment fails we will attempt to take payment four times in the following week .
  5. Your account will still be active during this grace period of a week.
  6. If by the end of this period you have failed to update your payment details correctly your subscription will end, and your account will revert to a normal account, any benefits accrued will be cancelled. You will receive a cancellation email to confirm this.
  7. Your card details will be held by a third party in accordance with PCI compliance. See our Privacy Policy here for more information.

2.4 To cancel your Sponge Club Membership follow these steps.

  • Log in on the Sponge website
  • Click on 'Sponge Club'
  • Click on ‘cancel sponge club button’ under the 'Your Plan' heading
  • Follow the steps to deactivate

2.5 It is your responsibility to ensure you use the Sponge Club service in accordance with the terms and conditions. Any breach by you will result in the termination of your subscription and no refund will be given. Sponge reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions and/or discontinue the offer at any time. If Sponge discontinues the offer, you will be refunded pro rata for the remaining months of your subscription (if you have chosen to pay annually).

3. Cancellations

3.1 You can only cancel your Sponge Club subscription if you choose the annual membership within the first 7 days after requesting it, if the service has not been used (you cannot request a cancellation if you have joined the Sponge Club during checkout). If you wish to cancel this subscription during this time, please contact us here - https://www.sponge.co.uk/help. After this time, no refund can be given, including if credit is withdrawn or you close your Credit account.

4. Sponge Club Deliveries

4.1 You are entitled to 20 free cake delivery orders per rolling 7 day period. These orders are counted when placed, and not the delivery date selected of the order.

4.2 Our full delivery policy is located on our delivery page and in our Terms and Conditions.

4.3 Free deliveries cannot be used in conjunction with any other special offers or discount codes outside of the Sponge Club unless otherwise stated.

4.4 You are entitled to 10 Cake Card orders per rolling 7 day period in addition to the standard deliveries. Your ability to purchase Cake Cards with your Club Membership will be restricted once this limit is reached.

4.5 Extra fees levied by our delivery partners, such as Congestion Zone surcharges, are not included as part of our standard delivery offering, therefore are not included as part of the membership. Full details of all of these charges are on our delivery page.

4.6 Our delivery partners may charge more to dispatch to some geographic locations, these are not included in Sponge Club and any additional costs above our standard delivery rate will be passed on. Full details of these geographic restrictions are detailed on our delivery page.

4.7 Express services, weekend delivery premiums or AM deliveries are not included as part of our standard delivery offering so are not included as part of your membership. We may give an additional discount on these services at our discretion.

5. Refunds

If you are unhappy with your order for a legitimate reason such as damage or an incorrect product, we will offer an appropriate refund as long as it can be shown that the order you were charged for, was not provided as it should have been.

6. Credit Accrual ('Sponge Extra')

Depending on your membership plan, your membership may have a credit accrual feature.

  • After 12 months of uninterrupted payments, you will receive your last 12 months of membership payments back as account credit (eg 12x£2.99 payments = £35.88 discount code), you will be notified by email on the 12th cleared payment.
  • Membership payments prior to Tuesday 7th June 2022 do not count towards this credit accrual.
  • Credit accrued cannot be exchanged for a cash alternative.
  • Credit can only be used on Sponge.co.uk.
  • If you cancel your account or we are unable to take payment for membership to the point that your membership automatically cancels, you will lose any credit accrued.
  • If you require a refund for a product that was bought in part or full with reward credit, then an alternative will be sent or the credit will be reissued to you.

7. Promotional Discounts / Affiliate Schemes

Special offer discount codes (eg FREEDELIVERY10), Norfolk Passport numbers or affiliate cashback schemes cannot be used in conjunction with Sponge Club membership unless stated otherwise.

8. Payment Disputes

In the event a payment dispute is raised between us and your payment card company, we reserve the right to immediately terminate your club membership, customer account and restrict your ability to place future orders.

9. Communications

While a member of our club scheme, we reserve the right to communicate club related news to you. You may unsubscribe from our generic email list at any time; however, you may still receive club related communication until such a time that you withdraw your club member status.