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Birthday Cakes For Christmas

Don't forget any birthday's this Christmas!

Christmas Birthday Cakes

We all know that sometimes birthdays around Christmas time get caught up in all the festivities, but make sure that your loved one does not miss out on their birthday around Christmas time. Send them a delicious birthday cake in the post for them to enjoy!

Birthday Cakes Delivered

We know what a busy time of year this is but we can take the hassle away by delivering your cakes directly to any address in the UK. Great if you have a friend or family member living further away from you, and we can make sure they do not miss out on a delicious cake! Just choose the perfect birthday cake for them, input their address, and choose the delivery date. Order before 2pm for next day delivery!

Personalised Birthday Cakes

Personalise a birthday cake for a special someone whose birthday is around Christmas, to really make sure they know how appreciated they are. You can personalise with a special birthday cake topper, to really let them know how special they are. We have great designs to choose from including happy birthday designs, emoji’s, kid’s birthday, and much more. There is something there to put a smile on anyone’s face! Or you can even upload your own photo to create a unique photo cake.

To make it even more unique and ready for a birthday celebration this time of year! Then you can add candles, balloons, birthday cards, table sparkles and drinks as well. Drink include Prosecco, whisky and coke, gin and tonic and more! Ideal for adding that thoughtful touch.

Birthday Cake Flavours

When it comes to birthday cake flavours, it is safe to say there will be something everyone would love. Flavours include Victoria, lemon, coffee, millionaires, rocky road, chocolate, carrot, red velvet and much more. The added bonus of having a birthday around Christmas is the extra choice on offer for your birthday cake flavour. As we have our White Chocolate and Red Velvet sponge, Peppermint Crisp and Spiced Orange and Cranberry available for Christmas, which can be great birthday cakes as well!

Free From Birthday Cakes

We make sure no one misses out on a delicious birthday cake, so we have great gluten free and vegan options as well. Gluten free sponge cake options include, Victoria, carrot, apple crumble, chocolate and seasonal specials, spiced orange and cranberry and peppermint crisp! Our vegan options include chocolate and carrot, delicious enough for any birthday this time of year.

Festive Sharing Birthday Cake

Our seasonal festive sharing special is another sponge perfect for birthdays this time of year. A delicious sponge with four different flavours including sticky toffee, red velvet, spiced orange and cranberry, and peppermint crisp. Ideal for a birthday party, or family gathering for a special someone’s birthday. There will be a flavour there for everyone to enjoy!