Gluten Free Apple Crumble Cake

Cravetastic crumble cake! Delve into an apple-solutely delicious gluten-free cake to get your tastebuds tingling.

Who said gluten-free cakes have to crumble? Well, actually, this one does, but we PROMISE it’s a good type of crumble! Crunchy, crumbly pieces are splashed on top of a light gluten-free cinnamon sponge, but not just any old sponge; this sponge has REAL apple pieces running through it. That’s right, no fakes here, folks! One bite and your worries about finding a delicious gluten-free cake will crumble away.



  • Check mark Recyclable packaging
  • Check mark Secure outer box
  • Check mark Bio-degradable film
  • Check mark UK wide delivery available
  • Check mark Create the perfect gift with personalisation extras
  • Check mark Cutting guide included for the perfect portion size

Storage & Care

  • Check mark Allow the cake to come to room temperature before eating, the butter cream shouldn't be hard!
  • Check mark Once opened, store at room temperature in an air tight container.
  • Check mark Leftovers? Occasion not for a few days? Keep wrapped and store in the freezer for up to 6 months.
  • Check mark Use our included cutting guide for the generous portion size
  • Check mark Keep uncovered as it will dry out
  • Check mark Eat the cake straight out of the fridge or freezer - the cakes needs to be up to room temperature.
  • Check mark Leave cakes in direct sunlight as the butter icing may melt.
  • Check mark Leave unattended near kids, as the temptation will be too much!

Ingredients & allergens


Sugar, self raising flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat), raising agents (mono calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), xanthan gum), rapeseed oil, eggs, sliced apple (apple, citric acid, ascorbic acid), butter (milk), sultanas, plain flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat), cinnamon, natural vanilla flavouring, xanthan gum.

ALLERGENS IN BOLD. Made in a kitchen which handles eggs, nuts, milk, soya & sulphites.

Our gluten free cakes are made in a separate kitchen to our standard cakes, by a team who will only work in that kitchen all day and do not move between kitchens. Ingredients are stored separately and no equipment is shared between the gluten free kitchen and the kitchen where the rest of our cakes are made.


  • Very nice lovely moist cake. Everyone who had a piece enjoyed it.
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Christine T -
  • This is always one of my favourite flavours, it tastes like apple crumble.
    Gluten Free Apple Crumble Baby Sponge
    Eleni p -
  • This sponge is our favourite. The flavour and texture is to die for. Popular with everyone that got to taste a slice. It was superbly moist with apple pieces distributed throughout. All of your sponges are delicious, but the Apple Crumble (GF) is exceptional.
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Angela N -
  • Guest who had this said it was even better than the chocolate one.
    Gluten Free Apple Crumble Baby Sponge
    Geraldine L -
  • As per usual this went down a treat. We were going away for my husbands birthday with limited packing space but needed a cake for when we arrived. This was the perfect solution as the cakes are so well packed for transport. It was kept safe in its box even though it was buried in my luggage!
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Catherine R -
  • Sponge cakes are made to a very high quality. The flavour of this particular cake was absolutely delicious and nice and moist
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Catherine E -
  • Amazing 😍
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Lisa L -
  • This is one of my favorite cakes and my non gluten intolerant friends agree πŸ‘
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Karon S -
  • Absolutely gorgeous!! 10 out of 10
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Caroline S -
  • Delicious and none left. Shame about the delivery.
    Large Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    R M -
  • Looked stunning and tasted absolutely amazing!
    Large Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Meryl S -
  • AMAZING!!! can’t believe this was gluten free, an absolute hit with the whole family. You will not regret ordering this
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Claire M -
  • Great tasting cake and nice to get a more unusual flavour of gluten free cake!
    Gluten Free Apple Crumble Baby Sponge
    Katie M -
  • I am always impressed by the quality and taste of thease cakes. We always order gluten free as grandson is coeliac. Unlike others we have tried you can't tell its gluten free at all.
    Large Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Sandra O -
  • Delicious cake, moist and full of flavor. I would definitely buy again.
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    victoria c -
  • See previous comment.. simply excellent πŸ‘
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Karon S -
  • The gluten free apple crumble cake is exceptional and would thoroughly recommend to anyone. Our entire family tried it and approved
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Tracy S -
  • Delicious
    Gluten Free Apple Crumble Baby Sponge
    Melissa S -
  • Really lovely cake, nice and moist thanks to the big chunks of apple throughout. Generously filled with buttercream and a lovely crumble topping, it kept well and is one of the nicest cakes I've had from here.
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Claire W -
  • Is excellent and contains what is says on the tin! Everyone loved it.
    Medium Gluten Free Apple Crumble
    Deb W -

More information

Did you know?

Our gluten free Apple Crumble cake is perfect for anyone following a gluten free diet. Making sure no one misses out! It has a light cinnamon sponge with real apple pieces running through it, as well as vanilla buttercream in the middle of the sponge. Choice of either a medium sponge (serves 10-12) or a large sponge (serves 18-20).

Send our gluten free Apple Crumble cake as birthday gift or to celebrate a special occasion! We deliver our cakes all over the UK, so you can send the cake directly to your door to a friend or relative for a lovely surprise. We offer next day delivery on orders before 3pm.

We have lots of lovely Gluten Free Cakes to buy with over 8 flavour to choose from including our gluten and dairy free cake the Elizabeth Sponge. Turn me into a gluten free birthday cake by adding birthday candles and a happy birthday card!

If you are a big fan of cake, why don't you join our sponge club? You'll enjoy free delivery, monthly perks, personalisation discounts', free second slice on cake cards, and access to exclusive products! Sign up from £2.99 a month, or sign up for the year for £10.

Enjoy your cakes for longer! Even though we know most of our cakes don't make it to the freezer, it's good to know that you can freeze your gluten free Apple Crumble cake for up to 6 months. Either whole in the original packaging straight away or you can wrap and freeze some slices you have left. Don't ever let your Sponge Cake go to waste!

STORAGE - Please store me in an air-tight container in a cosy spot - I don't like being kept in the fridge.