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Wedding Cakes

We have a great selection of cakes available for weddings!

Wedding Cakes Blog

Planning for a wedding can be extremely stressful, although finding your perfect wedding cake does not have to be. We can supply you with the perfect wedding cake for your special day!

Wedding Cake

You can design your own special three-layered naked wedding cake all online for the comfort of your own home, and can even pick a wedding topper. Certain to be enjoyed and admired by all your wedding guests. Simply choose a sponge flavour to make the base, middle and flavours of 4 baby sponges to sit on top. Create a simple classy looking sponge to make your wedding day truly special. With it feeding up to 25 guests, you will keep your guests very happy.

Baby Cake Favours

These are cute ‘cupcake’ sized sponges which make great wedding favours for your guests. Individually wrapped and available in 14 different flavours, with gluten free options as well, they work really well for a centrepiece on a dessert table. Your guests can even take them home if they want to as well. Choose from packs of 40, 80 or 120 baby sponges!

Wedding Cake Tower

Another great addition to your wedding is our Wedding Cake tower that feeds up to 80 people! With 80 baby sponges in total, it creates a stunning centrepiece for your wedding to be enjoyed by all and with choice of 14 different flavours. A stylish, simplistic and perfect way to complete your wedding and something delicious for your guests to enjoy!

Whole Wedding Cakes

Our wedding cakes can feed up to 96 people, with six delicious whole sponge cakes for 16 people. They are a great addition to any wedding, creating a dessert table of dreams that all of your wedding guests will love. There is a great selection of cake flavours to choose from as well, including apple crumble, Bakewell, carrot, chocolate, chocolate and orange, coffee, Elizabeth, lemon, red velvet, and victoria. You can choose from gluten free and vegan options to suit all dietary requirements.

Wedding Cake Delivery

Our Wedding cakes can be delivered to all different venues and houses all over the UK, the easiest way to get your cakes for your wedding. You can even select the day you want the cakes to arrive so you can plan everything perfectly. We just advise that you make sure you pick the day before the special day to allow for any unforeseen circumstances. Do not worry though as our cakes stay fresh for 7-10 days, so plenty of time to be enjoyed!

Wedding Cake Facts

In other countries, the wedding cake would be broken over the bride’s head to ensure fertility and bring good fortune to the couple. It is also thought that eating the crumbs of the wedding cake would symbolise happiness and good life to the newlywed couple. Cutting the cake is known to represent the first activity done as a couple, along with the first dance and bouquet toss. Then the bride and groom feed each other a small bite of cake, as a symbol of a commitment to provide for one another and a show of love and affection.