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Gluten Free Millionaires Cake

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A gluten free millionaires cake with a vanilla and chocolate cake, toffee and caramel butter icing and chocolate drizzle.

Ingredients & Allergens

Melting Chocolate

What's in the mix?

Half of the sponge is hand-made with natural vanilla flavouring, gluten free flour mix, ground almonds and the other half is made with indulgent chocolate. Caramel and natural toffee flavouring create a luxurious buttercream. Pretty drizzled milk and white chocolate on the top.

Sponge Cake Chocolate buttercream-inside view

Sumptuous Buttercream

Caramel and natural toffee flavouring marry together to create a wonderfully thick and creamy buttercream.

Millionaires sponge cake cut out

How do I look?

Inspired by millioniares shortbread - our gluten free Millionaires Cake has a victoria and chocolate sponge sandwiched together with luxurious toffee and caramel buttercream. It is topped with yummy chocolate butter icing and drizzled with melted milk and white chocolate.

STORAGE - Please store me in an air-tight container in a cosy spot - I don't like being kept in the fridge.


All of our cakes are baked in the same kitchen and although we do all we can to minimise the risk of cross-contamination we cannot 100% guarantee this.

Line drawing of a cake
Product Serves Pack Weight Cake Diameter Cake Depth Ambient Shelf Life
Gluten Free Millionaires for 16 16 1.8kg 24.00cm 8.00cm 10 days


  • Leanne P - 01/08/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Amazing. This has to be the best gluten free cake ever. So moist and scrummy. My daughter loved it. Oh it didnt take long for it to be eaten probably gone within 2 days. If you need a gluten free cake then sponge is the place to go
  • Andrew D - 31/07/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Very pleased with this Gluten free cake. Quite possibly the best cake we have ever eaten.
  • PEter H - 27/07/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    This was quite possibly the best gluten free cake I have ever eaten. You will not be disappointed.
  • Yvonne O - 18/07/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    My son reports it’s a lovely cake and the flavour was very good as well as the texture being very light
  • Luca Z - 12/07/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Loved the cake, it was amazing. My daughter cannot have gluten and this cake was great.
  • Adrian K - 01/07/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Cake was really tasty unlike many gluten free products it was not dry or powdery all of our guests including the non coeliacs loved it, it stayed moist until it was finished.
  • Shelley C - 22/06/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Tasty GF cake, the best one of the lot! The cake is perfect and the buttercream is amazing too.
  • Charlotte G - 14/06/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    My fiance is gluten free and has struggled to find a cake to eat in general that's purely gluten free, plus for our wedding next October, however, it seems that we have finally found one! Sponge are absolutely brilliant and completely gluten free. I ordered a birthday cake for him and he said it was the best cake he had ever had, he wasn't ill after eating it and the whole family also enjoyed it. From start to finish the process was easy and communication was great. We will certainly be ordering again for our wedding cake and am sure our guests will enjoy it as much as we will!!!
  • Val T - 13/06/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    What an amazing cake, moist, soft, not too sweet, with the sweetness coming from the filling. A huge cake which served separate sittings over several days, and very reasonably priced compared to other gluten-free providers. Will definitely buy again, and try other products too.
  • Ibeth W - 10/06/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    The best gluten-free cake I've ever tried. I'm delighted with how moist and light it was, perfect amount of icing, just amazing! I bought it for my partner on his birthday and he was delighted. I'll be ordering more cakes just to try them.
  • Stuart C - 06/06/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Awesome from ordering to tasting, thanks for making a special birthday even better, so nice to have an enjoyable piece of birthday cake and it was enjoyed with a cup of tea on the special day. Thanks again.
  • Patricia R - 02/06/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    This cake worked really well with candles and iced writing on the top for my grand daughters 18th birthday. I also added a few chocolates! She loved it. She said it was 'gorgeous'. I was so pleased. Thank you.
  • Jennifer L - 30/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Never disappointed I have ordered many cakes from you before and I will always get our special occasion cakes in the future
  • Jacqui L - 18/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Really enjoyed it. Definitely recommend. Only writing more because I couldn't submit my review unless I wrote more
  • Yasmine H - 15/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    I have never been disappointed with Sponge’s cakes. I always order gluten free and you have been my go-to for celebrating occasions over the last year. They always get eaten very quickly in my house! Delicious cakes with lovely flavours and perfect amount of sweetness.
  • Christine O - 14/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Ordered the millionaires shortcake for my daughter - her comments were it tasted absolutely brilliant, and she was very reluctant to let her partner or daughters try it as she wanted it all for herself!
  • Jennifer M - 11/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Lovely sized cake with yummy buttercream filling didn’t taste gluten free as the sponge was so light and fluffy thoroughly enjoyed it and made my birthday even more special
  • Nic M - 10/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    Best Gluten Free Cake ever had. Well worth the Money
  • robert w - 10/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    when ordering a cake I have to consider my two grandsons who are celiac and cakes are hard to find so I,m glad I fo und your web sight and bought the millionaires cake. the two boys really enjoyed it and so did everyone else. I will be ordering again soon my wives birthday is coming up in June
  • Nazimah K - 05/05/2021
    Gluten Free Millionaires for 16
    This cake was absolutely delish! A gluten free cake on another level.

Have you tried?

Gluten Free Millionaires Cake

Sugar, margarine (palm oil, rapeseed oil, salt, emulsifier E475, flavouring, sunflower oil, colours (curcumin, annatto)), eggs, self raising flour (rice, potato, tapioca, maize and buckwheat), raising agents (mono calcium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate), butter (milk), milk, almonds, cocoa powder, caramel (glucose syrup, sweetened milk, hydrogenated vegetable fat, salt, flavourings, emulsifier E471), natural vanilla flavouring, white chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, emulsifier (soya lecithin), vanilla flavour), baking powder, natural toffee flavouring, xathan gum.

ALLERGENS IN BOLD. Made in a bakery which handles gluten, eggs, nuts, milk, soya & sulphites.

All of our cakes are baked in the same kitchen and although we do all we can to minimise the risk of cross-contamination we cannot 100% guarantee this.

  • Contains Milk
    Contains Milk
  • Contains Eggs
    Contains Eggs
  • Contains Nuts
    Contains Nuts
  • Contains Soya
    Contains Soya
  • Suitable for Vegetarians
    Suitable for Vegetarians
  • Gluten Free
    Gluten Free

Did you know?

Our GF Millionaires Cake makes a great gluten free birthday cake as well as a celebration cake - simply add some fun extras such as toppers, candles or balloons at the checkout! Our gluten free cakes can be delivered next day or on the date specified by you.

You will not be able to tell the difference between our delicious gluten free Millionaires and our regular whole cake millionaires or any others! Great for celebrations for everyone to enjoy, especially those following a gluten free diet. We also have many other great gluten free flavours to enjoy, including Victoria, Chocolate, Carrot, Apple Crumble, Coffee, and more! You certainly will be able to find the perfect flavours for any occasion.

In addition to our gluten free range we also offer vegan cakes as well, including carrot and chocolate flavours. These are great for anyone needing a dairy free diet and a vegan diet. We love making sure there is something for everyone to be able to enjoy!

Our cakes can be and have been delivered all over the UK, from Bristol, Liverpool, Norwich, Northern Ireland and more! They are sent directly to your door and if you order before 2pm there’s next day deliveryavailable! Have your gluten free Millionaires Sponge cake sent to you, or to a friend or relative for a wonderful surprise.

Most of our Sponges don’t make it to the freezer but this is good to know!  You can even freeze our gluten free Millionaires cake for up to 6 months - either whole in the original packaging straight away or you can wrap and freeze some slices you have left. Don't ever let your Sponge Cake go to waste! Once you are ready for the cake just take it out of the freezer and pop it in a cosy spot to get up to room temperature for 24 hours before serving.

STORAGE - Please store me in an air-tight container in a cosy spot - I don't like being kept in the fridge.