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Our naked wedding cakes make the perfect centrepiece for your special day - from our magnificent baby sponge cake wedding tower to our three-layer wedding cakes. We have something to suit all budgets with our affordable wedding cake packages starting from just £75. Wedding cakes can be expensive, sometimes focusing more on style over quality and taste, so order your afforable and delicious Sponge wedding cakes online. We can deliver to your home or straight to your venue and our cakes stay fresh for 7-10 days so you don't need to worry about getting them a few days before the big day! Order your wedding cakes online and let us take care of the rest!

We also offer our unique baby sponges perfect for wedding favours and extra gifts for your guests at your wedding - a great wedding idea. Furthermore, our whole wedding cakes include 6 large sponges feeding up to 120 people on your wedding day! As well as that our baby sponges can be used to create a wedding tower to feed 80 people. This can be used as a stunning centrepiece for your wedding and a decoration in itself.

Sponge wedding cakes provide you with a delicious, tasty and cheaper option! Our budget wedding cakes aren’t just affordable – we take pride in the quality and look of our cakes too! It’s important to us to make our gorgeous cakes accessible to everyone while maintaining their excellent quality. And if you're looking for a cake to suit dietary requirements we also have gluten free wedding cakes and vegan wedding cakes available.

If you're looking to save money with buy ordering cheap wedding cakes online, don't compromise on quality. Order at Sponge, our budget wedding cakes suit even the smallest budget, and they are available in several packages to suit different-sized receptions.

Want to order your cake in advance and store it for the big day? Well, you can! Our wedding cakes can be frozen for up to 6 months! Just leave them in the packaging and pop them in the freezer. Then get them out 24 hours before the big day, leaving them in a nice cosy spot, so they get up to room temperature, and they will be perfect to enjoy! You can also store any leftover cake - if you order it for a day or two before your wedding and don’t freeze it in advance for the day. Just cut any leftover cake into slices and pop them in airtight containers before putting them in the freezer. Read more about How to store a wedding cake in our blog.

Looking for a small gift to send to the bride and groom? Or perhaps you want to find a unique way to tell your loved ones you're getting married? Our Cake Cards are lovely letterbox gifts that are sent via Royal Mail all over the UK.

Did you know there are some old wedding cake traditions that have been around for over a hundred years? In our Wedding Cakes Traditions blog we explore 7 old wedding cake traditions that we found fascinating to discover, and some we didn't even know about!

Don't be worried about ordering a wedding cake online. We deliver our wedding cakes all over the UK via a courier. The cakes are safely packaged with secure and robust packaging. The inner box is wrapped around the cake to securely hold it in place so the sides and top do not get damaged in transit. The box also includes a handy cutting guide! It is then put in a strong cardboard outer box for extra protection so it will arrive with you safely. We can deliver your wedding cakes anywhere in the UK, so you can be confident you’ll be able to find a wedding cake near you. Our wedding cake delivery service includes cake delivery to London, Manchester, Birmingham, Liverpool, Newcastle, Glasgow, and more.