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How to store a Wedding Cake

Find out the best way to store your Wedding Cake

The Wedding Cake – a very important element of any Wedding reception, and when you find the perfect cake for your wedding you want to make sure that you store it properly. To store a Sponge wedding cake, there’s a couple of ways to go around this, and we’re going to walk you through our best wedding cake storage tips.

We have a few options for wedding cakes available on our website, from our whole wedding cakes to our wedding cake towers. They can be delivered anywhere in the UK, either to your home or to your wedding venue. As with all of our cakes, if it is for a special occasion, we recommend selecting a delivery date for a day or two before your big day. Don’t worry the cake will still be fresh for your wedding cake, especially if you store the cake as it should be.

The important thing with Sponge Cakes is that they are all stored the same way.

Storing Cake in the Fridge

This is our big don’t for storing our wedding cakes (or any of our cakes) – they shouldn’t be kept in the fridge. Generally speaking, cakes don’t like the cold, the only exception to this is if they are fresh cream cakes, in which case the best place for them is the fridge.

How to Store Buttercream Sponge Cakes

Our Sponge Cakes are made with buttercream, which if stored in a cold place will go be hard – hard buttercream and a cold cake results in a dry cake. It’s always best to keep buttercream sponge cakes in a nice cosy spot but not in direct sunlight if you are eating them within a few days of receiving them. And if you are saving the cakes for a few days before a special occasion, it’s best for them to be kept in the original packaging until shortly before the cake needs to be presented. It's important to remember this if you have a buttercream wedding cake for your big day.

How to keep a cut Wedding Cake Fresh

Once the cake is cut, after everyone has had a slice, if you have any cake left over after your big day there are still ways to keep it fresh. If you are planning on enjoying your wedding cake for a few days after your Wedding you can pop it into an air-tight container if it’s not cut into wedges already. If it is already cut into wedges, pop the wedges into individual air-tight containers to keep them as fresh as possible and prevent them from drying out.

How to freeze a Wedding Cake

It’s an old tradition to store the top tier of the Wedding cake to have for a special occasion. The best way to do this is to freeze your wedding cake. Freezing your wedding cake could also be an option if you want to be very prepared before your big day. If you order your cake in advance just pop your cake whole in its original packaging into the freezer. On the other hand, if you want to store cake that’s leftover from your wedding day you can either put a whole tier in the freezer in an air-tight container or cut it into wedges and pop them in individual containers. You can also wrap the cake in a couple of layers of cling film for extra protection and then pop it into air-tight containers. You can store a Sponge Wedding Cake in the freezer for up to 6 months.

How to defrost frozen Wedding Cake

Once you are ready for another slice of cake it’s quite a simple process to defrost your cake, all you need to do is take the cake out of the freezer and leave it in a nice cosy spot (out of direct sunlight) until the cake comes up to room temper. You’ll know when it’s ready to eat as the buttercream will be soft to touch – usually, it’s best to check the buttercream in the centre of the slice as this is the spot that will take the longest to defrost.

So, we hope our little guide on how to store a wedding cake has given you some great tips on how to keep your cake as fresh as possible. These tips work on our cakes to give the best results when storing them.