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Sponge Wedding Cake Guide

We have a great selection of cakes available for weddings!

Planning for a wedding can be extremely stressful, although finding your perfect wedding cake does not have to be. We can supply you with the ideal wedding cake for your special day!

Have you been searching for cheap wedding cakes or wedding cakes on a budget? There are some extravagantly priced wedding cakes out there, and we know that not everyone can afford to pay big prices when you’re on a strict budget. Our delicious and stunning rustic naked wedding cakes might be the perfect option for your special day. Our wedding cakes start from just £65 and we also have other wedding cake packages such as our baby sponge cakes for favours which start from just £58. Make your wedding day delicious, unique and memorable with the whole range of wedding day Sponge cakes we have on offer.

You can design your own special three-layered naked wedding cake all online from the comfort of your own home, and can even pick a wedding topper. Simply choose a sponge flavour to make the base, middle and flavours of 4 baby sponges to sit on top. Create a simple classy looking sponge to make your wedding day truly special. With it feeding up to 25 guests, you will keep everyone very happy and are certain to be enjoyed and admired by all your wedding guests.

Naked Wedding cakes

Our beautiful simple naked wedding cakes are the ideal addition to any wedding and can be easily decorated with fresh flowers, fruit and creates a lovely centrepiece. We offer a selection of naked wedding cake packages to choose from, which include our ‘tiered wedding cake’ and our ‘whole wedding cakes’, as well as our cute baby sponges which are basically the better version of cupcakes. These are great for wedding favours as our 'baby cake favours' and we also offer our 'wedding tower'!

More About Wedding Cake Packages

Wedding Cake Tower from £160

A great choice for your wedding is our Wedding Cake tower that feeds up to 80 people! With 80 baby sponges in total, it creates a stunning centrepiece for your wedding to be enjoyed by all and with choice of 14 different flavours. A stylish, simplistic and perfect way to complete your wedding and something delicious for your guests to enjoy!

Create both a delicious dessert and a beautiful centrepiece decoration for your wedding, the perfect solution to accommodate everyone’s tastes and dietary requirements with gluten free and dairy free options available. You can create your own beautiful cake tower for your wedding, composed of our delightful Baby sponge cakes to create an eye catching, and mouth-watering addition to your wedding. Adding flowers or decorations allows you to make it your own and match your theme or leave it as it is for a more rustic feel.

What's included?

Our wedding cake tower feeds 80 people and contains:

1 Just married wooden topper

7 tiered acrylic clear stand

80 baby sponge cakes of your choice

Table sparkles

Baby Sponge Dimension: 80 Baby Sponges • Serves 80 • Pack weight 7.2kg • Cake Diameter 5.00cm • Cake Depth 5.50cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

Tiered Wedding Cakes from £65

Our wedding cakes come in three layers and you can choose the flavour you would like for each layer making it completely personal to your wedding theme, there’s a range of delicious flavours to choose from. The bottom layer is made up with one of our large sponge cakes for 16, a sponge cake for 8 in the middle and four baby sponge cakes on the top. You can also choose which type of 'Just Married' topper you would like - from our fun bunting option to our rustic wooden option - they both look fantastic on top of our wedding sponge cakes. They feed up to 25 guests very generously and you can get them delivered to your home or even to the venue.

You can leave your wedding sponge cakes completely naked for a rustic feel or you can add your own personal touch by adding fruit, flowers or chocolate to your wedding Sponge to match your wedding theme.

What's included?:

1 Just married wooden or bunting topper

4 Baby Sponges (top layer)

1 Sponge for 8 (middle layer)

1 Sponge for 16 (base layer)


Cake dimensions:

Bottom Tier: Cake for 16 • Serves 16 • Pack weight 1.7kg • Cake Diameter 24.00cm • Cake Depth 8.00cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

Middle Tier: Cake for 8 • Serves 8 • Pack weight 1kg • Cake Diameter 17.00cm • Cake Depth 8.00cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

Top Tier: 4 Baby Sponges • Serves 4 • Pack weight 0.5kg • Cake Diameter 5.00cm • Cake Depth 5.50cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

Whole Wedding Cakes from £125

Our wedding cakes can feed up to 96 people, with six delicious whole sponge cakes for 16 people. They are a great addition to any wedding, creating a dessert table of dreams that all of your wedding guests will love. There is a great selection of cake flavours to choose from as well, including apple crumble, Bakewell, carrot, chocolate, chocolate and orange, coffee, Elizabeth, lemon, red velvet, and Victoria. You can choose from gluten free and vegan options to suit all dietary requirements.

Looking for a dessert solution for all of your wedding guests? Our whole wedding cakes can provide a yummy solution, with a choice of over 16 flavours. Pick 6 of our large Sponge Cakes to feed up to 96 of your guests generously and save money by having your wedding cakes as your dessert!

Cake Dimensions:

Each cake: Cake for 16 • Serves 16 • Pack weight 1.7kg • Cake Diameter 24.00cm • Cake Depth 8.00cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

These are great combined with one of our 3-tier wedding cakes and will easily feed just over 120 guests. Our Sponge cakes are sent directly to you in robust packaging, to ensure they arrive perfectly all ready for your guests.

Wedding Baby Sponge Cake Favours from £58

These are cute ‘cupcake’ sized sponges which make great wedding favours for your guests. Individually wrapped and available in 14 different flavours, with gluten free options as well, they work really well for a centrepiece on a dessert table. Your guests can even take them home if they want to as well. Choose from packs of 40, 80 or 120 baby sponges!

Our Baby Sponge Cakes are a great alternative to cupcakes and make really cute wedding favours for your guests to enjoy or take home! Or you could unbox them and use them to decorate your dessert table and offer more choice for guests.

We have over 14 different flavours of baby sponges to choose from so there is something for everyone enjoy. They are available in packs of 40, 80 or 120 baby sponge cakes.

Baby Sponge Dimension:

40 Baby Sponges: Serves 40 • Pack weight 3.75kg • Cake Diameter 5.00cm • Cake Depth 5.50cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

80 Baby Sponges: Serves 80 • Pack weight 7.2kg • Cake Diameter 5.00cm • Cake Depth 5.50cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

120 Baby Sponges: Serves 120 • Pack weight 11.25kg • Cake Diameter 5.00cm • Cake Depth 5.50cm • Ambient shelf life 10 days (7 days for fruit cakes)

Gluten Free Wedding Cakes

We’ve done lots of research when it comes to gluten free cakes; viewing them, tasting them (it’s a difficult job but somebody’s got to do it!) and we always felt a little bit disappointed. The cakes were usually quite dry and not very tasty, which is something we wanted to change. Gluten free cakes should be just as delicious as standard cakes, so we set out to create something just as yummy.

If you’re sick of settling for dry and crumbly gluten free cakes, and are looking for a gluten free wedding cake that is light and fluffy and taste just like a standard sponge, then look no further! You won't be able to tell the difference between our gluten free wedding cakes or gluten free celebration cakes and our standard sponge cakes.

All of our packages are available with a choice of gluten free flavours, from gluten free whole wedding cakes to gluten free tiered wedding cakes. So if you are looking for a beautiful naked cake that is also gluten free, visit Sponge.

Please note; all of our cakes are baked in the same kitchen and although we do all we can to minimise the risk of cross-contamination we cannot 100% guarantee this.

Vegan Wedding Cakes by Sponge

When you are on a vegan diet, it can sometimes be tricky to find products that suit your requirements. As planning a wedding is already stressful, we wanted to take the stress out of finding the perfect vegan wedding cake, making your special day easy to organise. Our Vegan Wedding Cakes are now available for you to order.

At Sponge we have taken a special interest in perfecting our vegan recipe. We have tasted and tested a range of vegan cakes to create our vegan products. The ones we tried were either dry or stodgy and that just wasn’t good enough for us! Our range of vegan cakes are just as delicious as our standard sponges and most people can't tell the difference. We have received great feedback on both our vegan chocolate cake and our vegan carrot cake recipe, because we worked hard to get our vegan cake recipes right.

We have two options for you to choose from for your wedding cake flavours, each one has its own set of ingredients to make it perfectly flavourful. Here’s more about your choice of vegan cake flavour:

Vegan Chocolate Cake - Soya milk, chocolate and vegan butter create our delicious and indulgent vegan chocolate sponge. Our secret ingredient is coffee which really brings out the chocolate flavour! Nibbed cocoa pieces are sprinkled on top give some added crunch. Filled with our vegan buttercream that is wonderfully smooth, thick and creamy. Made from delicious chocolate, vegan butter and sugar. Yum!

Vegan Carrot Cake - Grated carrots, soya milk, walnuts, sultanas and cinnamon make a deliciously moist vegan sponge. Complemented with creamy vegan buttercream made from vegan butter and a dash of natural lemon flavouring and crunched walnuts on top.

Our wedding cake packages allow you to choose our vegan cake flavours, so whether you’re looking for a vegan tiered wedding cake, vegan wedding cake tower, whole vegan wedding cakes or vegan baby sponge wedding favours, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a wedding cake package to suit your requirements.

How do I order a wedding cake package?

It’s really easy to order your wedding cake, let’s take the example that you want to order a tiered cake. Head over to our wedding cake page you’ll see our range of wedding cake packages, so once you’ve decided which one you want click the buy button. You’ll be taken to the information page for the wedding package where you can choose your product from the drop-down menu and click buy to go through to select your cake flavour; starting with the base layer of your tiered cake. You’ll see a list of flavours that are in alphabetically order which will be the flavour of your base layer. Next you’ll need to choose your middle layer - you don’t need to pick the same flavour; you can mix and match!

To top it all off you’ll get to choose your baby cake flavours, you can have all the same or mix and match here too! Then if you’re happy with your choice, you can either continue to add more products to your order or go through to the checkout where you can enter all of your details and select a delivery date. For our vegan wedding cakes, you’ll be able to select these from the standard wedding cake sections. Our gluten free wedding cakes have their own sections, apart from the baby sponges; there is a selection of gluten free baby sponges in the standard section. Simple and stress-free.

Do Sponge offer wedding cake accessories?

We have two choices of stylish wedding cake toppers you can choose to go with your three tiered naked wedding cake - our simple and elegant wooden Just Married topper or our vintage style just married bunting topper.

Do you help with last minute wedding cake orders?

Yes, we can! We know that last minute wedding disasters do happen and cake be stressful for the whole wedding party, but you shouldn’t have to panic about one of the most arguably important elements; the cake! We always recommend ordering in advance for any special occasion, however, if you have been let down by a cake provider, we can help.

Sponge offer next day mainland UK delivery on all cakes, even wedding cakes, when ordered before 2pm the day before! We would always recommend ordering your cake for the day before your wedding day to ensure it gets there safely in time. If you do have a cake emergency close to your wedding day, Sponge will come to the rescue.

Displaying a Sponge Wedding Cake

Our beautiful tiered wedding cakes and wedding cake towers both come with stands for displaying your cakes at your reception. These can be adorned with fresh flowers and fruit to suit your theme and create a gorgeous display that is sure to blow your wedding guests away in awe. We would always recommend leaving it as late as possible to put your wedding cakes on display out of their packaging; they are best served and enjoyed at room temperature.

Wedding Cake Delivery

Our Wedding cakes can be delivered to all different venues and houses all over the UK, and the price of the cake includes mainland UK Delivery. This makes it the easiest way to get your wedding cake in preparation for your special day. You can even select the day you want the cakes to arrive, so you can plan everything perfectly. We just advise that you make sure you select the day before the special day as the latest delivery date to allow for any unforeseen circumstances. Do not worry about the cakes staying fresh if they’re delivered a day or two early, as our cakes stay fresh for 7-10 days, so plenty of time for them to be enjoyed by you and your wedding guests!

Wedding gift & Engagement gift ideas

Cake Card offers a range of beautiful, unique and sentimental cards to make anyone smile. If you are looking for a gift to send a happy couple to congratulate them on their engagement or to wish them well on their big day, then Cake Card is an ideal present. There are plenty of wedding cards, congratulation cards and engagement cards available at cake card to send to friends, family and loved ones to help celebrate their special occasions.

Along with the fabulous card selection, you’ll be able to choose from our range of cake card slice flavours, from Victoria slices, chocolate slices, millionaires slice and more, you’ll be sure to find one they’ll love. There are also gluten free and vegan flavours to choose from! Whether you choose to send one slice of cake for the happy to share and two pieces, so they can have one each, we’re sure there’s a delicious slice that everyone will enjoy with their Cake Cards.

To make these gifts just that little bit more special, you can add a little extra something to make it perfect. We have a range of extras you can add into your Cake Card, from lovely hot drinks, to balloons, candles and even face masks!

If you’re looking for a unique present that will make someone you care smile with joy, then come to Cake Card.

Wedding Cake Facts

It is thought that eating the crumbs of the wedding cake would symbolise happiness and good life to the newlywed couple. Cutting the cake is known to represent the first activity done as a couple, along with the first dance and bouquet toss. Then the bride and groom feed each other a small bite of cake, as a symbol of a commitment to provide for one another and a show of love and affection. In the past it was tradition for the bride and groom to freeze the top layer of their wedding cake and save it for their first child’s christening.

By the 17th century, wedding cakes were made in pairs; the bride and groom each had a cake which would have been a small fruit cake. However, the groom’s cake was not served at the reception, instead it was cut up and packaged, then given to guests as a wedding favour.

In other countries, the wedding cake would be broken over the bride’s head to ensure fertility and bring good fortune to the couple. In ancient Rome, the groom would smash the wedding cake on the bride’s head. This tradition was done to symbolise male dominance and encourage fertility (we’re glad this tradition has long since faded away). The guests would even rush in to scoop up the crumbs of the smashed cake for their good luck and fertility.

This is one of our favourite traditions. In Peruvian weddings, the cake typically has ribbons attached to charms which are hidden in the cake, one of the charms is a fake wedding ring. During the reception celebrations, all of the single women at the party join in with the “cake pull”. Each woman grabs a ribbon and whoever pulls out the fake wedding ring, per tradition, is said to be the next one to get married.