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Naked Cakes

Beautifully simple cakes to delight everyone

Cakes are called for on many occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, Weddings, any afternoon, and many more! And, quite frankly, who doesn’t love cake? Now, lots of people do get extravagant cakes for special occasions – designs have become very complex, with the likes of topsy turvy cakes, illusions cakes, too many tiers to count, and cakes with intricately modeled elements. Quite frankly, some have been overcomplicated, and the reality doesn’t always meet expectations.

Why do we need to get these complex cakes? They usually cost a lot more, they take longer to make, so are they really worth the extra hassle. If you’re like us and sometimes would just rather a simple, yet beautiful cake then you’ll want to find out more about Naked Cakes. We know, it sounds a bit rude, but it’s not. Naked cakes are just simple and elegant, no faff cakes – Sponge layers, buttercream, and occasionally a jam or a curd too. Some naked cakes still have a buttercream crumb coating all around the outside, others don’t so you get to see the beautiful outside of the sponge layers.

All of our cakes are technically naked cakes, some will have decoration on top, but nothing complex, simple, and beautiful. The benefit of our delicious sponges is that they are ideal for any occasion. Whatever the occasion that you are celebrating, these cakes will fit the bill. We even have gluten free naked cakes and vegan naked cakes. A great bonus with these cakes is that because they are very simple, adding items to personalise them is easy. You can either choose to get them in yourself or choose from our selection of personalised items to include in the box when you get one of our cakes delivered!

We have some wonderful personalisation items to add in with your cake delivery. We have some great acrylic cake toppers, which are great to emphasise the occasion (and they could be reused!). Candles are a must for special occasions, such as birthday’s, we have a mixture of regular candles in different colour choices, fountain candles, happy birthday candles, and number candles! We’re sure there will be some candles to suit your requirements. You can even add balloons, and you’ll find a selection of fabulous cards to choose from.

For an added touch, there is a range of drinks to add a special touch to any gift. If it’s an extra special occasion, you may wish to add a bottle of fizz or another alcoholic beverage with a cake. We have a great selection of alcoholic drinks including Prosecco, Whiskey & Coke, Brewdog Punk IPA, and more. There’s also a choice of soft drinks including Fentimans Curiosity Cola, Sparkling Raspberry, Elderflower Presse, and more. Or, you could pop in a few sachets of tea, coffee, or hot chocolate.

The wedding cake is usually the main part of a wedding meal that everyone is excited to see, they can be quite lavish, intricate, and expensive. But they can also be simple, affordable and elegant, and most of the time, less is more.

We have a range of wedding cake packages to suit your requirements and budgets. These wonderful packages are both beautiful and affordable – Here’s some more information about the packages we have available:

Tiered Wedding Cake – The most traditional of our options; you can create your own tiered wedding cake with us online, the bottom tier is one of our Sponge’s for 16, the middle layer is a sponge for 8 and the top layer is four of our baby sponges. The great thing with this cake is that you can choose a different flavour for each tier and could even have 4 different flavours for the baby sponges which sit on the top tier of the cake. You also have a choice between two different toppers which sits on top of the cake. To finish this cake, you could add simple touches such as greenery, or a cascade of flowers to create the ideal looking cake for your special day. It is also available as a gluten free tiered wedding cake.

Whole Wedding Cakes – If you’re feeding more people or just want a good variety of cake on your wedding day, then our whole wedding cakes range is perfect! It consists of six of our Sponge Cakes for 16 in your choice of flavours and they will feed 96 wedding guests generously. Ideally, these are placed individually on the dessert table in your venue, but again, they are easy to decorate with items such as flowers, dotted in between the flavours. This option also makes it easier to have a range of cakes to suit all dietary requirements. As they will be laid out separately, there’s a reduced risk of cross-contamination, making it easier to suit gluten free and/or vegan requirements. Along with our standard flavours, there are also vegan flavours to choose from with this wedding cake option. And there is a fully gluten free Whole Wedding Cakes option too!

Wedding Cake Tower – Possibly the best option if you want a lot of variety, our Wedding cake tower is made up of 80 baby sponges sat on a 7 tiered acrylic clear stand. You also get a wooden Just Married topper to top it all off! As we said, this is the best option if you want lots of variety to please everyone. All of the 80 cakes are individually wrapped, making them ideal for having a mixture of flavours and keeping gluten free and vegan options separate. You may choose to leave them in their packaging or take them out, whatever you decide we’re sure you’ll find the way to sure your wedding.

Baby Cake Favours – If you’ve got your main wedding cake all planned out already but want to be able to send everyone home with a little piece of your wedding, why not consider our baby cake favours. These cute little baby sponges are individually wrapped and they make delightful wedding favours to hand out to guests or to create individual table centre pieces with. They are available in over 14 flavours including gluten free and vegan options. They are available in packages of 40, 80 or 120.

Our naked cakes are available for delivery across the UK, and offer next day delivery if you order before 2pm! Great for a last-minute cake emergency. You can also book your cake deliveries in advance, once you’ve selected the cake you desire and have entered your delivery address on our website you’ll be taken to our online calendar. The only calendar lets you select a delivery date for the future. You can place your order as far in advance as you like. For extra special occasions such as a wedding or a birthday we recommend selecting the delivery date a day or two before the event. This is to ensure the cake arrives in plenty of time, ready for the special day.

As we said above, wherever you are in the UK, if you’re looking for a ‘naked cake near me’, we can deliver a cake straight to your door. Whether you’re looking for cake delivery in Manchester, London, Liverpool, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Bristol, Leeds, Norwich, or anywhere else, we can deliver a delicious cake to you.