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Are you struggling to find a decent free from birthday cake? Or a free from cake for a special occasion? We have worked hard to cater our cakes for dietary requirements. With several ranges to suit different ones, there's a cake to suit any free from celebration! You can get our free from cakes delivered straight to your door in the UK too. Just order your free from cake or bake online.

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If you’ve ever walked down the free from aisle at the supermarket and looked at the cakes, you might have come away feeling a bit disappointed at the options available. And even if you do find a cake that suits your requirements, once you taste it, you may feel let down again with the taste and the texture.

We are well aware of how supermarket free from cakes stack up, so we created another solution. You can order your free from cakes online from Sponge, and have them delivered straight to your door in time for a special occasion. This way everyone gets to have a cake that they can eat and enjoy on their birthday, anniversary, or other occasion.

A lot of thought and consideration has gone into our free from cakes, we want everyone to have the same experience with our cakes, so we’ve put a lot of time into creating free from ranges that look and taste as good as our standard cakes.

The term free from covers a lot of requirements these days, from our experience, the dietary requirement with the highest demand from our experience is gluten free. We were constantly having requests for gluten free birthday cakes, and it is now one of our biggest ranges. There have been great reviews for our gluten free cakes and bakes, with many customers saying that they wouldn’t be able to tell the difference between our standard and gluten free cakes if it weren’t for the label. Which is a huge compliment that we love hearing.

Another dietary requirement that has increased demand for its own range of cakes, is the vegan diet. Although gluten-free cake poses a challenge as it means you have to use an alternative to standard flour to remove the gluten from the cakes, vegan cakes remove the use of eggs and dairy, so in some ways, it’s an even bigger challenge as you take away two of the core ingredients that makes up a traditional standard cake. But, as always when we are given a challenge, we like to rise to it! We already have a good range of vegan cakes and bakes, and this is down to the hard work our bakers have put in to get a good vegan cake, using vegan-friendly ingredients.

As time has gone on, we get more and more requests for cakes that can suit other dietary requirements, which has led us to introduce diary free cakes, gluten and dairy free cakes, and most recently we have launched our no refined sugar cakes.

Our aim has always been working to put smiles on faces, and we believe our free from ranges are contributing to creating the opportunity for everyone to be able to have a great free from cake for their birthday or special occasion.

All of our free from cakes are available to purchase on our online shop, and we off delivery across the UK. So, no matter where you are you can get a free from cake delivered straight to your door for a celebration.