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Our no refined sugar cakes are here. We have created a cake which doesn’t contain any refined sugar. Typically, in baking we use refined sugar such as caster sugar as one of the base ingredients, especially in cakes. But for our refined sugar free maple and pecan cake, the sweetness comes from adding natural sugar in the form of maple syrup.

Natural sugars are healthier than refined sugars and often contain extra nutrients which is a benefit. And the addition of the liquid from the maple syrup creates a lovely moist cake.

Cakes with no refined sugars in are ideal if you are looking to reduce your sugar in take; natural sugars will still raise your blood sugar, however, the sugar is released more slowly into your body. Which is still an improvement on refined sugars.

If you’re trying to keep an eye on your sugar levels, while it’s not advised to over indulge, when eaten in moderation natural sugars are deemed to be better for you than refined sugars. And Maple syrup is often said to be one of top of the list for refined sugar substitutes.

We spent several months perfecting our no refined sugar maple and pecan cake, and we love it. It’s so refreshing to think that it’s better for you than the other cakes, but it’s still as delicious. Somewhat reminiscent of when you go round to your grandparents for lunch and Nan brings out the homemade cake, because it’s so wholesome in its appearance.

We hope you love our refined sugar free cake as much as we do.