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Carrot Cake Day!

Happy national Carrot Cake Day!

Carrot Cake Day

Did you know that Monday 3rd of February is Carrot Cake Day? This gives us the chance to have our cake and eat our veggies too! Carrots with their natural sweetness may have actually been substituted for sugar in the middle ages, when sugar was hard to find or too expensive. It is therefore likely that carrot cake actually developed from carrot pudding which could be both sweet and savoury.

For Carrot Cake day, try your best to get your hands on some of our delicious carrot cake. This will help set yourself up for week ahead and making sure you do not miss out on this delicious sponge!

Healthier cake!

Carrot cake is actually considered to be a bit healthier than other cakes, as it is packed with fibre, and other health promoting elements! Including promoting good vision, especially night vision, and is usually made with less sugar, healthy oils, and healthy nuts as well! Our carrot cake contains cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, sultanas, and lots of grated carrots. Accompanied with a delicious vanilla buttercream and walnuts too.

How to celebrate on Carrot Cake Day

Well to put it simply, with lots of carrot cake of course! You can have one of our delicious carrot cakes sent directly to your door. Order online from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered directly to your door, or to a friend or family members. With next working day delivery on all orders, you won’t have to wait long it to arrive. Or you can even select the perfect day for it to arrive!

Vegan Carrot Cake

As well as our traditional carrot cake, we have our vegan carrot cake that has even been said to be better than our regular carrot cake! A delicious, perfectly spiced sponge topped with lemon icing and sprinkles with walnuts for that added crunch. Undetectably vegan! For anyone following a vegan diet, this is the perfect and sponge to celebrate Carrot Cake Day!

Gluten Free Carrot Cake

We also have our yummy gluten free carrot cake, that is ideal for anyone one needing gluten free as we like to make sure as many people are included as possible. Almost identical to our regular carrot cake accept it has gluten free flour. A gluten free carrot cake full of cinnamon, nutmeg, walnuts, sultanas and grated carrots with a vanilla butter cream.

Carrot Slice

Not forgetting that we also have this delicious cake as a slice for Cake Card as well, with our regular carrot slice, vegan carrot slice and gluten free carrot slice. There is so much to choose from, and something for everyone. Create the perfect letterbox gift for a special someone, and add special gift slices as well.

Personalise your Carrot Cake

For Carrot Cake Day you can also personalise your order! If you have a birthday coming up as well, you can add a greetings card to the order to write a special happy birthday message to put a smile on their face! You can also add candles, balloons, and drinks as well, with choice of prosecco, whiskey and coke, gin and tonic, lemonade and much more.

Carrot Cake Delivery

Our carrot cakes can be delivered to any location within the UK, with next working day delivery on all orders. Or you can select the day that you wish for it to be delivered. Perfect if you want to send a delicious cake to a friend or family member living further away, and want them to enjoy some carrot cake!