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Chocolate Awareness Week!

Did you know it's Chocolate Awareness Week?

Chocolate awareness week

This week is dedicated to Chocolate awareness and is from the 14thOctober till the 20th, a week dedicated to all things chocolate! The ideal excuse to celebrate with a delicious Chocolate Cake, and we certainly have you covered with our 3 different versions of chocolate cake, as well as our other chocolatey alternatives.

Chocolate, vegan and gluten free

Our 3 main chocolate cakes include our regular recipe, our vegan alternative and gluten free as well. We like to make sure everyone is included, and able to have a slice of chocolate cake to celebrate any occasion! We carefully create our delicious regular and Gluten Free Chocolate Cake flavours by melting down real dark chocolate, containing over 70% cocoa, and blending in to the mix to create a rich chocolatey sponge.

As for our Vegan Chocolate Cake, cocoa powder is used to create a fabulous dairy free sponge, perfect for those following a vegan diet or anyone who can’t have dairy. We also offer Vegan Carrot Cake too. You will not even be able to tell that the chocolate cake is vegan, and it is perfect for all occasions.

Chocolatey alternatives

For a different chocolatey experience, you can try our special Chocolate Orange Cake, a beautifully marbled orange and chocolate cake. The perfect balance between chocolate and orange, complimented with a thick chocolate buttercream. Certain to still give you your chocolate fix!

Not forgetting our Cookies and Cream Cake! Another chocolate sponge we have to offer, but alternatively with vanilla flavoured buttercream with Oreo’s running through it. Making it another chocolate delight, perfect for chocolate awareness week.

For anyone who prefers chocolate cake in combination with other flavours, then we have our fab Millionaires Cake that combines chocolate and vanilla cake! The sponge is complimented with caramel and natural toffee flavoured buttercream. Enough to satisfy your chocolate needs.

Chocolate Cake Card

Offering all things chocolatey, you can get Cake Card slices in Chocolate, Vegan and Dairy Free Chocolate and Gluten Free Chocolate. You can choose from one of our many cards designs for any occasion! Or alternatively you can add more chocolate to your Cake Card, by adding a hot chocolate drink as you go through the checkout!

Chocolate addons

Looking to add extras to your order for a special present or occasion, then we have chocolate options too. Including Gnaw Amaretto Liqueur Hot chocolate shot, Irish cream shot and milk chocolate well. Or there are other drinks options, including tea, coffee, prosecco, lemonade and more!

Here are some really fun facts about chocolate that are great conversion starters!

  • Did you know that white chocolate is not really chocolate as it does not contain cocoa solids or liqueur.
  • The Aztecs loved and valued the cacao beans- so highly that it was used as the currency at the height of their civilization.
  • The scientific name for the tree chocolate comes from is called Theobroma cacao, and means “food of the gods”.
  • The first chocolate bar was invented in 1847.
  • According to the international Cocoa organization, Europeans account for almost half the world’s chocolate consumption. Estimate the average person eats 11kg of chocolate per year!!