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Jubilee Gifts

Jubilee Gifts - Jubilee Cakes - The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

Celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee with Sponge

Celebrate the Jubilee with a fabulous cake or gift from Sponge! Whether you're planning a street party or a quieter affair, we have a cake that will go down well during the Jubilee celebrations. We have some wonderful cake options that will be the perfect end to a Jubilee meal, or if you can't be with a loved one to celebrate, why not send them a Jubilee Cake Card straight through their letterbox.

Jubilee Pinata Cake

Our Jubilee Pinata Cake is sure to delight your friends, family, and neighbours!

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Gluten Free Jubilee Pinata Cake

Surprise your loved ones with our gluten free Jubilee Pinata Cake!

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Union Jack Victoria Sponge Cake

Our delicious Victoria Sponge Cake topped with an edible Union Jack topper!

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Union Jack Chocolate Cake

A scrumptious Chocolate Cake topped with a Union Jack cake topper!

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Jubilee Crest Victoria Sponge Cake

A yummy Victoria Sponge Cake with an edible Jubilee Crest cake topper.

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Jubilee Crest Chocolate Cake

Our luxurious Chocolate Cake with an edible Jubilee Crest Cake topper.

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Jubilee Baby Sponges

Cute mini Victoria Sponge cakes, the perfect size to enjoy with a cup of tea individually packed in Union Jack boxes.

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Gluten Free Jubilee Baby Sponges

These adorable mini Gluten Free Victoria Sponges come individually wrapped in Union Jack Boxes. Perfect for Jubilee celebrations!

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Jubilee Victoria Sponge

Our lovely Victoria Sponge Cake with Union Jack Flags to decorate it.

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Gluten Free Jubilee Victoria Sponge

Our scrumptious gluten free Victoria Sponge Cake with Union Jack Flags to decorate it.

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Vegan Jubilee Victoria Sponge

Our delicious vegan Victoria Sponge Cake comes with Union Jack Flags for decoration.

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Jubilee Cake Cards

Send Jubilee greetings to your friends and loved ones to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee!

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Jubilee Slice

Pop a slice or two or our Limited Edition slice in your Jubilee Cake Cards!

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Gluten Free Jubilee Slice

Gluten free Jubilee Slice with blue icing and edible crowns on top.

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Union Jack Flags

Add a pack of Union Jack cocktail stick flags to any cake for 8 or cake for 16 orders.

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Victoria Sponge Martini Cocktail

Add this delicious cocktail to your cake or cake card order for your Jubilee celebrations!

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Did you know?

We have created this fabulous range of Jubilee Cakes to help everyone celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. Celebrating 70 years of service as our beloved Monarch on the 3rd June 2022! Although her Majesty's official celebration is on the 3rd of June, there will be celebrations across the whole of the weekend from the 2nd-5th of June. So, whether you are celebrating at home, or with a street party along with the whole of your neighbourhood, you'll be able to find a delicious Jubilee Cake from Sponge.

Whether you want a big dessert to feed many like our Jubilee Pinata cakes which are full of surprises or a lovely letterbox gift like our Jubilee Cake Cards to help your loved ones celebrate when you can't be with them, there is something for everyone to enjoy at Sponge.

Our cakes can be delivered to any address in the UK, with next working day delivery if you order before 3pm. Or you can simply select the perfect day for your cake to arrive, ready for a special occasion. Make sure that your family receives their delicious Jubilee presents in plenty of time!