Halloween Treats

Sponge Halloween Cakes Range

Halloween Treats

Get spooky with Sponge this year. We've got loads of fangtastic Halloween goodies - whether you are sending them as gifts to loved ones or having them as a centrepiece for your Halloween gatherings and parties! From creepy Cake Cards, devilish Chocolate Cakes and decorate your own freaky Brownies - we've got Halloween covered...

Halloween Cake

Devilish chocolate sponge sandwiched together with ghoulish green buttercream and topped with orange buttercream and multicoloured halloween sprinkles. Perfect for Halloween parties!

Gluten Free Halloween Cake

Limited quantity available! Devilish gluten free chocolate sponge sandwiched together with ghoulish green buttercream and topped with orange buttercream and multicoloured halloween sprinkles.

Halloween Decorating Brownie

Undecorated Triple Chocolate Brownie with spooky Halloween decorating kit including white chocolate icing, witches, skulls, pumpkins and a spider! Get your creative freak on this Halloween.

Halloween Photo Cakes

Upload a scary photo or choose from one of our spooky pre-designed cake toppers to top a Chocolate or Victoria Sponge cake. The perfect gift or centrepiece for your Halloween shindigs!

Halloween Cake Cards

Send one of our creepy Cake Cards to wish your friends and loved ones a scary Halloween and pop in a little treat or two (if they deserve it...!). Posted straight through their letterbox.

Halloween Slice

Our Spooktacular slice is a rich chocolate sponge sandwiched together with ghoulish green vanilla buttercream and topped with Halloween sprinkles - a perfect treat for little monsters to enjoy.

Pumpkin Cocktail

A warming autumnal spiced rum based cocktail flavoured with peach and pumpkin. Enjoy it in a tall glass over crushed ice, topped with soda, and best garnished with a sprig of mint. Add to Sponge or Cake Card orders!

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Did You Know?

It is believed that Halloween originated 2000 years ago in Ireland and dressing in costumes was a way to hide from ghosts. People would wear masks and costumes when they left their homes after dark, so ghosts would think they were spirits as well.

With Halloween quickly approaching, get your costumes ready, sweets, scary films, and of course do not forget the cake!

Our Halloween Cake tastes so good it will make your skin crawl! A devilish Chocolate sponge filled with ghoulish green coloured buttercream, topped with orange colour buttercream and covered with multicoloured Halloween Sprinkles. This spooktastic sponge is also available as a gluten free Halloween cake, so even gluten free creatures of the night can enjoy this frightfully delicious cake.

Looking for a fun Halloween activity to do with the kids? Our Halloween Brownie Decorating Kit is an excellent way to get the kids involved and you get a tasty treat at the end of it! We even have a handy tutorial video to give you some inspiration for your ghoulish creations.

If you want to send your little monsters a small Halloween Gift, send them one of our Halloween Cake Cards. Cake Cards are ideal for Halloween, we have a great selection of Halloween themed cards to choose from. Inside the card, you can include a slice or two of cake, including our limited edition Spooktacular Halloween Cake Slice. There are lots of other goodies to pop inside as well such as our sweet treat with lots of different sweeties, or even hot chocolate sachets.