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Sharing Cakes

Sharing sponges
Super Sharing Cake
from £32.00

Super Sharing Cake

Try all the flavours with our super sharing sponge - 14 different flavours in one cake!

4 Sharing Cakes
from £25.00

4 Sharing Cakes

Our four sharing cakes contain four different flavours with four wedges of each - choose from traditional, quirky or gluten free.

Choose Your Own Sharing Cake
from £35.00

Choose Your Own Sharing Cake

Create a unique cake and fill it with all your favourite slices! This cake really is what you make it.

Did you know?

We offer 3 different types of sharing sponges which are perfect for group events, birthday parties, anniversaries, Christmas parties and any celebrations.

We offer a custom sharing sponge which is a unique cake that you can create and choose the flavours of cake which you like the most. This is your perfect cake as you can pick all the slices of cake you or your friend loves the most! These are the perfect celebration cakes!

Also we offer a sharing sponge with four flavours, including 4 wedges of each flavour. Pick your 4 favourite flavours to create the perfect sponge cake!

Our super sharing sponge allows you have 14 different flavours in one cake! This is the ideal sponge for a party where everyone wants a different flavour of cake.