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New Treat Alert - Cocktails!

Check out our new cocktail treats to add with your cakes

We’ve got a brand new treat to share with you! We were thinking about what would pair really nicely with cake or brownies, something a bit naughty and nice. An extra special treat to spoil someone with. We’ve already got Prosecco, which is lovely for special celebrations, but Prosecco isn’t everyone’s thing. So, what could be better than a bit of fizz? How about a cocktail?

Rather than faffing about with a cocktail shaker and having to buy lots of bottles of spirits to have a delicious cocktail, why not get a ready-made one instead? We’ve been working with Cocktail Canaries to deliver yummy cocktails alongside your cakes! We are so excited to launch these cocktails and we want to give you a bit more information about the three delicious flavours that are available.

Forgot the After Eights? Eaten all the Elizabeth Shaw After Dinner mints? Well, then this cocktail is just what you need. The perfect blend of white chocolate liqueur, peppermint, and vodka. Comes as an 80ml pouch.

Serving suggestion: Best served ice cold from the fridge in a sugar-rimmed glass and a candy cane to top it off.

A festive twist on the classic Negroni. Gin, vermouth, and Campari, with the added twist of cinnamon and spices. Perfect for those cold Winter evenings. Made with London Dry gin, Campari, Martini vermouth, Angostura bitters, spiced apple pie syrup, cinnamon. Comes as an 80ml pouch.

Serving suggestion: Made to be enjoyed straight from the pouch; simply pour over cubed ice in a short glass. Garnish with a thin slice of orange or burnt orange zest.

Enjoyed either cold over ice or warm with apple juice this mulled wine cocktail is the perfect winter treat with fragrant cinnamon and hints of chocolate. Made with Tawny port, orange liqueur, cinnamon, hazelnut syrup, Angostura bitters and chocolate bitters. Comes as an 80ml pouch.

Serving suggestion: Absolutely delicious over ice with a slice of orange. Alternatively add equal measures of cloudy apple juice and cocktail, heat in the microwave or in a pan. Enjoy in a mug with a slice of orange and a cinnamon stick, for that proper 'mulled wine' experience.

These cocktails can be added to your order for all of our products including; wholes cakes, gluten free cakes, dairy free cakes, vegan cakes, brownies, gluten free brownies, Baby Sponges, Cake Cards, and they can even be added to your Christmas gifts!

Cocktail Canaries was founded by award-winning bartender Matt Dakers and drinks industry expert Danielle Wilson. Matthew Dakers returned to Norfolk at the beginning of 2020 after a successful career as a globally recognised bartender, drinks developer, and industry trainer.

Matt said that his plan had always been to return to Norfolk and open a premium bottle shop in his home town of Aylsham. But with a lot of things this year, the pandemic put his plans on hold, but it also encouraged both Matthew and Danielle to ‘think outside the box’.

And so Cocktail Canaries was created in the midst of lockdown 1:0. They started off over the summer dropping cocktails to people at their doors. They settled on the bright yellow branding as a way to bring fun and joy to people when they needed it the most.

As well as the freshly made cocktails delivered to people’s doors, Cocktail Canaries now offer a Nationwide range available in bottles and pouches, with a free recycling scheme on the pouches.

Our Cakes, brownies, and cake cards can be delivered anywhere in the UK, so the good news is that these cocktails can be too! We can deliver anywhere in the UK including cake delivery to London, cake delivery Manchester, cake delivery Birmingham, cake delivery Liverpool as well as cakes delivered to Bristol. We also offer brownie delivery to Newcastle, brownie delivery Cardiff, brownie delivery Leeds, and brownie delivery all over the UK.