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Red Velvet Cake

A yummy family favourite - red velvet chocolate cake

Red velvet cake is a delicious chocolate cake with a unique red colouring, and the texture of the cake looks like velvet – hence the name. It’s unclear where the cake originated, but many believe it first came about in Maryland USA. It was in WWII when baking items were hard to come by that people starting using vegetables to substitute items such as sugar, to create baked good. Beetroot juice was used along with cocoa in the mixture, which is how this cake got its colour. Today a lot of bakers still use beetroot juice to give this scrumptious cake its trademarked red colouring, although others choose to use red food colouring instead.

Sponge’s Red Velvet Cake

Our moist red velvet cake is made from scratch, lovingly made by hand by our bakers in our bakery. It’s created with free range eggs, cocoa and beetroot powder and natural yoghurt create a striking deep red sponge and providing the unique red velvet flavour. British butter and natural vanilla flavouring create a velvety buttercream. It is finished with a pretty red crumb on the top.

Our red velvet cake frosting is a wonderfully thick layer or natural vanilla flavoured buttercream perfectly which compliments the chocolate notes in the sponge it’s sandwiched between.

One day we would love to add a gluten free red velvet cake and a vegan red velvet cake to our range. For now, it is only available in our standard cake range, however we do have a wonderful selection of other gluten free and vegan flavours for you to choose from.

Red Velvet Birthday Cakes

Our red velvet cakes make amazing birthday cakes, their generous portion sizes are sure to please any birthday person! They are available as sponges for 8 or sponges for 16, so there will be plenty to go around! All you need to make them perfect is a couple of added extras to really get the party started – and the good news is you can get them from us as well!

There’s a great range of personalisation extras to choose from including hot drinks, soft drinks and a range of alcoholic beverages. We also offer a range of candles, balloons and cards to make the cake extra special. And as the perfect finishing touch you can even get it gift wrapped! Everything you need for a birthday celebration in one box!

If you’re looking for a great way to share your birthday cakes with loved ones, we even offer our red velvet cakes as baby sponges! These individually wrapped mini cakes are great as party favours or just to send to your loved ones! They’re just as delicious as our larger cakes!

Red Velvet wedding cake

Your wedding day is one of the most special events you will ever experience, so you will want every tiny detail to be perfect. Our cakes are available in wedding packages at an affordable price, to make sure your day is complete. You can choose our red velvet cakes to be included in your wedding cake package, or even have the whole cake in red velvet!

There are different packages to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be able to find one that suits your celebration perfectly. From our baby sponge towers, to a tiered cake, and you can even get our whole wedding cake package!

To find out more about our wedding cakes visit our wedding cake page.

Red Velvet Cake Delivery

This is a very easy red velvet cake because all you have to do to get one is to visit our website and place an order online to get it delivered to your door! So, if you’re wondering about “red velvet cakes near me” – yes there is, thanks to Sponge! We deliver our red velvet cakes to every corner of the UK, from London, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham and even Northern Ireland!

To find out more about our cake delivery service, visit our delivery information page.

Cake Cards

Did you know we even have a red velvet slice that you can send with your cake cards? That’s right you can get slices of red velvet cake delivered with one of our fabulous card designs!

There are so many fantastic cards to choose from for any occasion. We have age milestone cards, anniversary cards, Birthday cards for her, birthday cards for him, Kids birthday cards, thinking of you cards and many, many more! You’ll be spoilt for choice!

Once you’ve chosen the perfect card design, you can choose to add one or two slices of delicious cake, along with a range of extras to make them even more special. And the best bit is they start from just £7.95! An ideal letterbox gift to make anyone smile.