Secret Sponge Saga!

Secret Sponge Saga!

Crack the case and win the ultimate murder mystery prize!

To celebrate the launch of Secret Sponge, our NEW anonymous Cake Cards, we’re giving away the ultimate murder mystery bundle! Join us on Instagram @spongecakesltd each day as we unveil the captivating ‘Secret Sponge Saga’.

Over the next two weeks, daily Instagram reveals will unravel the mystery, and by commenting on the posts, you’ll automatically be entered into a daily Secret Sponge prize draw. On December 18th, gather the evidence and crack the case by identifying the culprit behind The Secret Sponge Saga, and win the ultimate mega prize!


Cluedo - A game to sharpen your detective skills
Murdle - Hours of immersive mystery-solving
Escape Room - Thrilling escape rooms in your own home
Four Baby Sponges - A sweet indulgence
One Secret Sponge - The centrepiece of our sweet mystery
One Sponge Cake - To savour your victory
A mouthwatering brownie - To cap off your adventures


Head over to @spongecakesltd now to meet our cast of colourful characters… Who knows what secrets their introductions could contain?!

Crispin Baker

Our main character, Crispin, is no stranger to the layers of the corporate world, yet maintains a classic, friendly demeanour, always up for sharing a smile or a quick chat by the coffee machine. With a genuine and wholesome nature, he often finds himself nestled into the soft heart of office dramas and sweet mysteries, unintentionally rising as the gentle guide through this delightful enigma. His naturally sweet disposition makes him a favourite in the office, and perhaps a target for an anonymous gift-giver.

Dickie Toffee

The tech guy with a nerdy zest and a notorious penchant for rambling, Dickie, is also known to bring a variety of sweet treats to share with his colleagues, flavouring the office with an array of delightful treats - though he is known to be slightly selfish with the choicest of flavours. His conversations often spiral into a caramel of tech talk and sticky theories, sometimes revealing more about his own secrets than he intends. Could his treats and words be hiding something more beneath the surface?

Elizabeth Lemon

Elizabeth, the HR representative, harbours a wealth vast enough to render a day's work unnecessary, yet she persists, navigating through each workday with a seemingly sour disposition, her exterior tough, and a bitter tang to her interactions. But beneath her citrusy frown is a woman carefully peeling away her own layers, striving to zest up her life with positive changes. Her demeanour has begun to subtly sweeten as she immerses herself in the personal journey from a tangy exterior to a soft, mellow inside. Could her transformation be the key ingredient in a secret, sweet mission, or is she merely savouring a slice of personal growth?

Rosa Velvet

The receptionist of the office, Rosa is known for her velvety sweet demeanor and unabashedly flirty nature. She’s never shy to sprinkle some charm into everyday interactions, brightening days with her rosy disposition. Despite her widespread affections, her soft spot for Crispin is no secret, often turning her playful teasings into a more personalized and sweetened flavour when he's around. Could her feelings be more than just casual flirtations, possibly baked with a deeper, genuine affection?

Victor Sponge

Victor, the big boss, often associated with a classic ‘dad’ vibe, carries a light-hearted and spongey personality that soaks up the stresses of the office. After the “Decaf Debacle,” where a scandalous switch left the office slow and grumpy, he has been on a mission to increase office morale, ensuring not to leave anyone in a frothy mood again. Bubbling with dad jokes and always eager to rise to the occasion, his efforts to sweeten the work environment are noticeable, yet somehow mysteriously layered.

Terms & Conditions: Daily Secret Sponge winners are picked at random on Instagram each day from people who have commented on each day's post. Winners will be messaged on Instagram. Players who guess the correct culprit on the final day will be put into a prize draw for the ultimate prize, winner will be picked at random on the 18th December 2023. All rights reserved. Sponge reserve the right to cancel, amend or withdraw this competition at any time. Contact [email protected] for more information.