Spread some love incognito


Spread some love incognito

A secret sweet surprise straight through the letterbox. £10.99 including delivery

Send a Secret Sponge

Brighten someone's day with a Secret Sponge surprise that brings genuine smiles right to their doorstep. Imagine the delight it brings and how it silently says, "I'm sending good vibes your way," "You're one-of-a-kind," or simply "Just felt like it!”

What sets it apart? It's completely anonymous, leaving the recipient feeling cherished and curious. Whether for a friend, loved one, or secret admirer, the Secret Sponge Letterbox Gift is the sweetest way to spread happiness incognito. Make their day special this Christmas with this secret gift.

Please note if you select premium delivery for your Secret Sponge Card the phone number you provide will appear on the delivery label attached to the outer box of the card.

Whats included?

Secret Sponges include 2 slices of delicious cake, packaged in specially designed boxes with the option to add a personalised message on the inside (remember not to give away your name). They are designed to be robust to keep the contents safe and slim enough to fit through any standard letterbox.