Free Cake Delivery


How to order cakes online with free delivery

Whether you are ordering birthday cakes, cakes for other special occasions, or just cakes to have a treat, getting free delivery makes them that little bit sweeter. It shouldn't matter where you are in the UK, if you are thinking where can I get free cake delivery near me we have a great solution.

Our Sponge club offers free delivery to members as one of the main perks, there are also other benefits of being a Sponge Club member. Here are just some of the great perks you'll get for signing up for the Sponge Club:

  • Free Standard Delivery
  • 25% off Greetings Cards
  • Personalisation Offers
  • Exclusive Flash Offers
  • Exclusive Products & Early Access

Go for our club annual membership and pay just £10 per year,

You can get great quality birthday and celebration cakes delivered throughout the year for free with a Sponge Club membership. For more details on our membership packages or to sign up visit our club page.