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National Strawberry Day

Celebrate this fruity delight on the 27th February

It’s undeniable that strawberries are one of the UK’s favourite fruits. They are often synonymous in the UK with Wimbledon Tennis, when you think of Wimbledon, you automatically think of Strawberries and Cream.

On the 27th February it’s National Strawberry Day, given that Valentine’s Day is in February, having National Strawberry Day in February carries on the theme of heart shaped goodies. And there are some great fun facts about Strawberries too:

1.) There are around 600 varieties of Strawberries worldwide, 30 of which are grown in the UK. Much like apples, each variety has its own unique taste, shape, and colour which differentiate them from one another.

2.) Not all Strawberries are red; strawberries can also be yellow or white. While most are a red colour, one of the white varieties is called pineberries because although it does in fact look like a strawberry, the taste more closely resembles that of pineapple.

3.) There is more vitamin C in just 5 strawberries than there is in a whole orange. So, you can eat less of a quantity of fruit, and get as much of the health benefits. Strawberries also have other health benefits, as they contain a large amount of anthocyanidin, which studies show has good anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties – it is thought that they can help to protect against heart disease and cancer.

4.) Strawberries were first mentioned in literature, they featured in poems in the 1st Century AD. Although they were said to not be as sweet as we know them today, they were used more as ornamental fruit rather than a fruit to eat.

Now there are some facts you can take to your next pub quiz.

We use strawberry jam in our Victoria Sponge cakes, the taste of strawberries with vanilla in the sponge and delicious buttercream is reminiscent of strawberries and cream. We have worked hard to make sure lots of people can enjoy our Victoria Sponge Cakes, here are some of the Victoria Sponge products available:

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Gluten and Dairy Free Victoria Sponge Cake - Our Gluten and Dairy Free Victoria Sponge has a light and fluffy vanilla gluten free sponge which is sandwiched together with strawberry jam and a generous layer of naturally flavoured vanilla dairy free buttercream. Icing sugar dusting on top.

Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake - We've worked really hard to get our Vegan Victoria Sponge Cake right. A delicious vegan and dairy free Victoria sponge cake sandwiched together with strawberry jam and vegan vanilla icing. Dusted on top with icing sugar. Perfect for all ages and occasions.

Baby Victoria Sponge Cake - Our Baby Sponge Cakes are the perfect size for a traditional English Afternoon Tea. Why not invite your friends around and have your very own tea party. Serve with a selection of teas, finger sandwiches, and some pretty plates for the ultimate Afternoon Tea! And a mini version of our Victoria Sponge Cake is available as a Baby Sponge Cake.

Victoria Photo Cake - Our Victoria Sponge Photo Cake is the perfect centrepiece for a birthday or special occasion! You can get creative and upload your own photo and add personalised text, or choose from one of our fun pre-designed toppers! We have lots of designs to choose from - how about a princess themed topper for your child's birthday party, or sending a thinking of you cake topper to your loved one. Whatever the occasion we've got something for everyone!