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Spiced Orange & Cranberry Cake

This festive favourite is back again this year!

Due to popular demand, our festive favourite Spiced Orange and Cranberry Cake is back ready for the Christmas period. We know that no one can resist this delicious sponge, during this festive time of year.

Within this sponge you will find, juicy whole cranberries, free range eggs, natural orange flavouring, along with mixed spices to give the sponge a festive kick. As for our buttercream, this adds another festive element, as in the middle there is a thick layer of delicious orange buttercream. Creating the perfect warming, mouth-watering buttercream. And it’s all finished off with fresh orange juice drizzle on top with crunchy Demerara sugar. And it even comes with a bag of edible stars for you to add as extra decoration on the cake. Irresistible!

This wonderful cake is perfect for a festive feast! It will make an ideal centrepiece for any Christmas dinner table, just imagine have a slice of this deliciously fruity, spiced cake on Christmas day, after your Christmas dinner.

This yummy Christmas cake is also available in gluten free as well! Ensures that anyone, needing to follow a gluten free diet, does not miss out! Just like our standard cake, our gluten free spiced orange and cranberry cake is made with free range eggs, gluten free flour, natural orange flavouring, juicy whole cranberries along with an assortment of warming festive spices. Fresh orange juice is drizzled on top with crunchy Demerara sugar. They also come with a bag of edible stars, for a final festive flourish for you to add to the cake on Christmas Day!

We’ve recently ventured into the world of brownies too! Our wonderful brownies are the perfect combination of gooey, fudgy, and slightly chewy. Simply put they are a delight to eat in taste and texture. We decided to create a range of round brownies, rather than the traditional square ones, as it means everyone gets a chance to have the best bit of the brownie. They are perfect treats to enjoy at Christmas time with loved ones, we have a few flavours to choose from, and are developing new brownies flavours to add soon as well! Just like our cakes you can have these delivered anywhere in the UK, whether they’re for yourself or if you’re sending them to a loved one this year, you can have them delivered straight to the door. And the best bit is that all of our brownies are gluten free!

This year we’ve created some fantastic decorating kits to create a wonderful activity for the whole family to get involved in this year! There are three decorating kits to choose from, including a Chocolate Cake with a Christmas Cake Decorating Kit, 4 Baby Sponges with a Christmas Decorating kit, and a Chocolate Brownie with a Christmas Decorating Kit! These will make a great activity for a day during the festive break. And to give you a helping hand, we’ve even created a set of handy video tutorials – you can either follow and create our designs or use your creativity and come up with your own designs! Either way, we’re confident you’ll have fun with these yummy and fun cakes and brownies.

If you’re looking for something to send to a loved one as a special treat this year, we have lots of gifts to choose from, so we’re sure you’ll find the perfect Christmas present to send this year. From Cakes and brownies to Christmas Cocktails and Christmas Cake Cards, there’s something for everyone in a price range to match all budgets!

Christmas is a time for telling your friends and family members how much they mean to you. There is not a better way than to let someone know you love them, miss them and to wish them a very merry Christmas, than with a cake or brownie!

With our cake delivery, you can send our delicious cakes all over the UK. Great if you have family and friends all over the UK. Just input their delivery address, after selecting the cake perfect for them, add any extra items they would love, and then we'll sort out the rest making sure that the cake arrived directly to their door. You can even select the perfect delivery date! Make sure you get your orders in early and select the delivery of the 22nd or 23rd December, to ensure it arrives in time for Christmas!