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Cookies and Cream Cake

A delicious cake with an added crunch

If you’re looking for a cake that’s a little bit different, then you’ll enjoy our ‘Cookies N Cream’ cake. A deliciously moist and fluffy cake with the flavours of cookies & cream – yum! This beautiful Oreo inspired cake makes a great celebration cake.

Sponge’s Cookies and Cream Cake

Our Cookies and Cream layer cakes have two chocolate sponge layers which contain flour, free range eggs and indulgent chocolate. English butter and natural vanilla flavouring make a wonderfully thick and creamy buttercream icing with delicious crushed Oreo's running through it. The finish touch is a dusting of scrunched Oreo cookies on top for extra crunch. You can either buy a Sponge for 8 or a Sponge for 16 (and the slices are still generous sizes), plenty to go around for any celebration!

Cookies and Cream Birthday Cake

If there’s an Oreo lover in your life or a cookie lover in general then they’ll love this Cookies N Cream cake. They make great birthday cakes for friends, family members and loved ones. With candles on top of this Cookies and Cream birthday cake, you’ll be able to celebrate their birthday in style and bring joy to the birthday person!

Personalised Cakes

We have some great options to personalise your cookies and cream cake with. From candles, balloons, tea, coffee, alcoholic drinks and more. There’s plenty to add to make the cake extra special to the recipient. You can even add a birthday card. These are great to send to friends, family and loved ones if you can’t be with them to celebrate their birthday.

Cookies and Cream Cake Delivery

We deliver our cakes all over the UK – so, if you’re thinking is there a cookies and cream cake ‘near me’, yes there is! We deliver our cakes to London, Liverpool, Norwich, Nottingham, Bristol, Northern Ireland, Birmingham and more! So, wherever you are in the UK we will deliver a cookies and cream cake to your door. You could even send one to a friend, family member or loved one as a brilliant surprise for a celebration or just to put a smile on their face!

Cookies and Cream Cake Storage

Our cookies and cream cakes love being nice and cosy, so don’t store them in the fridge – they don’t like being too cold. Once open store them in air tight containers to keep them fresh for up to 10 days. If you have too much cake to eat at once, you can even freeze it for up to 6 months. Either pop it in the freezer whole in its packaging or cut it in to slices and put it in air tight containers. Once you’re ready for the next scrumptious slice, take it out and put it in a nice cosy spot for 24 hours. When it’s up to room temperature it’ll be ready to enjoy!

Sponge Club

If you love cake, then our Sponge Club is for you. You can join for just £2.99 a month or £33 for a year. By joining you’ll enjoy 52 free deliveries per year, and up to 5 per week, along with other benefits including monthly perks, personalisation discounts', free second slice on cake cards, and access to exclusive products! Join our Sponge club today!