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Coffee Cake

A delicious cake for an afternoon treat

Coffee lovers rejoice! This beautiful cake is bursting with flavour, the combination of the sweetness in the cake and bitterness of the coffee complement each other perfectly to create this scrumptious cake. Enjoy a slice of this yummy cake with a hot drink any afternoon.

Sponge’s Coffee Cake

Our Coffee sponge cakes are a simply delicious, so beautifully balanced and loved by our customers.

Quality coffee is infused into our traditional sponge recipe, made with free range eggs to create a velvety and light coffee flavoured cake. Our gorgeous thick buttercream also has coffee whipped into it to make a delicious coffee buttercream that’s not too strong and not too weak – it’s just right!

The two sponge layers are sandwiched together with the luscious buttercream to construct the cake and more coffee buttercream covers the top of the cake. The finishing touch to top it all off is the chocolate coffee beans which sit on top of the cake and give it a welcome bit of crunch and a smooth chocolate hit.

Coffee birthday cakes

Everyone one of our Sponge cakes makes a brilliant birthday or celebration cake. Our coffee cake is a coffee lover’s dream, and the perfect way to help them celebrate any special occasion, from birthdays, anniversaries, christenings and more!

To make your celebration cake even more special you can add some extra personalisation items. There are lots to choose from, candles, balloons, tea, coffee, cards and more!

Our Sponge cakes make amazing gifts to send to a friend, loved one or family member to help them celebrate their birthday or any other occasion!

Coffee cake delivery

We deliver our cakes all over the UK, right to your door or to the door of a loved one. From London, to Liverpool, Northern Ireland and more, we deliver our coffee cakes all over to the door-step. To find out more about Sponge Cakes UK delivery service, visit out delivery information page.

Coffee cake storage

If you’re ordering a coffee cake a few days in advance for a special occasion, or just want it to last for a few days you’ll be please to know they stay fresh for 10 days. Either keep them in their packaging or in an air tight container once open and each slice will still be as delicious as the day it arrived. To avoid dryness and crumbliness keep your cake in nice cosy spot, don’t keep them in the fridge, they don’t like being cold.

Want to make it last even longer? We know most of our cakes don’t make it to the freezer, but it’s good to know you can freeze our cakes for up to 6 months! Just pop it in whole or in slices in air tight containers. When your ready to enjoy another slice, take it out of the freezer and leave it in a nice cosy spot for 24 hours and it will be ready eat!

Coffee Cake slice

Know a coffee lover but don’t think they’ll get through a whole cake by themselves? Then why not send them a slice or two in a cake card! Cake cards are a great way to send your friends, loved ones and family members a slice of cake in a card to wish them happy birthday, help them celebrate a special occasion or just to let them know you’re thinking of them. They start from just £7.95!

We have a great range of cards to choose from; quirky cards, age cards, thinking of you cards, anniversary cards and more. To make them extra special you can also add personalisation items such as face masks, sweets, tea and more!

We use Royal Mail’s standard 1st Class postage for quick, efficient delivery of our Cake Cards across the UK. They aim to deliver 93% of 1st Class mail the next working day after posting, including Saturdays, although this is not a guaranteed service. Once your order is placed, we will email you with a confirmation of your purchase, delivery details and when your card is on its way.

Sponge club

If you love cake, or know a coffee cake lover then our Sponge club is for you! With the Sponge club you will enjoy free delivery, monthly perks, personalisation discounts', free second slice on cake cards, and access to exclusive products! Sign up from £2.99 a month, or sign up for the year for £33. Join our sponge club today!

Coffee cake history

Coffee cake has a long history, it is thought to have originated in Germany as a sweet bread, rather than a cake. But it wasn’t until 1879 that the term “coffee cake” became commonly used.

Did you know there’s a difference between British Coffee cake and American Coffee cake?

In the UK coffee cake is two layers of coffee flavoured sponge, sandwiched together with coffee flavoured buttercream icing and coffee flavoured icing on top. Traditional additions to this are walnuts, to create a coffee and walnut cake.

In America coffee cake is a term used for a sweet cake that is enjoyed with tea or coffee. It’s a single layer cake made with either fruit or cinnamon that has more of a bread like texture as it’s made with baking soda (or powder) or yeast.