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Carrot Cake

A delicious moist carrot cake to enjoy with tea

Carrot cakes are delicious delights made with a mixture of carrot in the base sponge, to create a delicious cake. The classic carrot cake is made by grating carrot and adding spices such as cinnamon and some contain dried fruit and nuts in the mixture as well but not all do.

Sponge’s Carrot Cake

Our classic carrot cake is made with grated carrot, cinnamon, walnuts, plump sultanas, free range eggs and a hint of nutmeg make up this rich and juicy sponge. Naturally flavoured vanilla buttercream with crunch walnut pieces on top. We think this combination makes for the best carrot cake with taste and texture.

Our carrot cake is also available in gluten free and vegan options - so everyone can enjoy a beautiful slice of yummy carrot cake!

Carrot Cake as a Birthday Cake

If you or someone you know loves a nice slice of moist carrot cake, then why not get one for a birthday or any other celebration? Our carrot cakes make ideal birthday cakes, they taste delicious and look beautiful.

To make them perfect for a celebration you can even add extras to your orders, such as candles, balloons, alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks! When it arrives with personalised added extras it will be like a party in a box.

Carrot Cake Delivery

Looking for carrot cake delivery near you? Well, we are happy to tell you that we delivery our carrot cakes all over the UK! From Birmingham, Nottingham, Liverpool, Bristol, Norwich, London and even Northern Ireland – we deliver our cakes straight to your door!

Carrot Cake Storage

We’re sure that you’ll be pleased to know our delicious carrot cake stays fresh for 7 days, either sealed in its packaging, or when opened, in an air tight container. Make sure to keep it in a nice cosy spot to keep your carrot cake deliciously moist, and to avoid dryness and crumbliness. Our cakes don’t like being kept in the fridge.

If you want to keep your carrot cake for longer, you can even freeze them for up to 6 months! You can either freeze it whole in its packaging or cut it into slices and place in the freezer in air tight containers. When you’re ready for the next yummy slice, take it out of the freezer and place it in a nice cosy spot for 24 hours – then it’ll be ready to enjoy!

Carrot Cake Slice

Want to send a slice of carrot cake to someone you care about? You can send a wonderful slice of carrot cake to a friend, family member or loved one in one of our cake cards! Our Cake Cards start from just £7.95 - you can choose to send either one or two slices of cake and cake even add extras in the Cake Card to make the even more special! If you don't fancy a slice of carrot cake with have lots of other flavour options to choose from including gluten free and vegan slices.

We have wonderful card designs to choose from as well! Whether you’re sending an anniversary card, birthday card, quirky card, lockdown card or new baby card, we have a great selection of unique card designs to send to someone you love.

The History of Carrot Cake

Food historians think that the classic carrot cake we have come to know and love, is actually a descendant of the Medieval carrot puddings from Europe. Carrots were used as a sweetener in desserts when sugar and alternative sweeteners either weren’t available or were too expensive for the majority of society to afford.

It’s hard to pin point exactly when the modern carrot cake first appeared but there are recordings from 1814 for a recipe of “Gâteau de Carottes” by Antione Beauvilliers, the former chef to Louis XVI. It also appeared in the 19th-century as a recipe from the housekeeping school of Kaiseraugst in Switzerland.