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Festive Sharing Sponge

Something festive for everyone to enjoy this Christmas!

Festive Sharing Sponge.

Our festive sharing sponge is everything that you need this Christmas! With four delightful flavours in one! Including Peppermint Crisp, Spiced Orange and Cranberry, Sticky Toffee Pudding and Red Velvet, all combining to make a fabulous festive sponge that everyone will enjoy. All the winter favourites to keeping you going on these cold winter nights!

What you’ll find inside!

With four delicious sponges you will find our delicious refreshing peppermint crisp sponge, full of peppermint buttercream, crushed Whitakers mint crisps on top and sugared snowflakes sprinkled. Then our Spiced Orange and Cranberry Sponge has delicious, juicy cranberries throughout! Sticky toffee pudding is a firm festive favourite, perfect for cold winter nights, made with home-made date puree filled sticky sponge with toffee buttercream. Finally, our red velvet sponge has a deep-red sponge with chocolate flavours, vanilla buttercream and delicious red crumb. There is everything you need for a delicious festive sponge!

Family Festivities

With four wedges of yummy seasonal sponges, they all combined to create the perfect cake for all family festivities this Christmas. There will be a flavour for everyone to enjoy, at a Christmas party or as gift. Or for delivery directly to your door perfect for a special Christmas treat for the whole family to enjoy. Or why not send one to a family members house ready for Christmas if you are unable to see them! With last orders for Christmas on the 20thDecember for delivery on the 23rd of December. Do not worry about getting it slightly early, as our stay fresh for 7 – 10 days!

Christmas Flavours

Or looking for just one flavour then we certainly have you sorted this Christmas! We have our seasonal special White Chocolate and Red Velvet Snowball cake, an indulgent sponge to be enjoyed this Christmas. Or we have our Peppermint Crisp Sponge as whole cake, as well as our Spiced Orange and Cranberry Sponge. Gluten free options can be found in both our Peppermint Crisp and Spiced Orange and Cranberry, perfect for anyone following a gluten free diet so they do not miss out on a delicious slice. Or any of our sponge flavours can be enjoyed at Christmas, and perfect topped with one of our Christmas cake toppers.

Christmas Cake Cards

We also have our Christmas Cake Cards that make the perfect gift for a loved one! There is an excellent selection of Christmas card designs, you will find the perfect one for loved one. We have a great choice of cake slice flavours, with our seasonal specials mince pie and peppermint crisp, which comes in gluten free too. Or we have many other flavours to choose from including chocolate, carrot, lemon, millionaires and much more. Or we have gift slices to create the perfect Christmas Cake Card gift, with choice of festive socks, lights and sweets! Last orders for Christmas are on the 20thDecember, so make sure you order now, for delivery directly through their letterbox.

Christmas Delivery

Make sure that you do not miss out on our delivery before Christmas, with last orders for delivery before Christmas on the 20th December for delivery on the 23rd December. Do not worry about getting a few days early either, as our cakes stay fresh for 7-10 days! Plenty of time to be able to enjoy it.