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Calling All Bakers!

Send us your Vegan / Gluten Free / No Refined Sugar recipes and you could win £100! We are currently developing ...

We are currently developing new recipes at sponge for a new range of vegan, gluten free and 'no refined sugar' products. Some may fall under one, two or all of these categories.

The number of vegans in the UK has shot up in recent years with more people choosing to enjoy a plant-based lifestyle. More than 3.5 million British people now identify as vegan and we have noticed that many of our customers have begun to enquire whether we sell any vegan Sponge Cakes. At the moment we don’t – but we have been working on it. Unfortunately we haven’t found a recipe that meets our high Sponge standards as yet – but we are very hopeful to have one soon!

Another type of cake that has been requested is a ‘low-sugar’ or ‘non-refined’ sugar version. We don’t like to use artificial sweeteners in our sponges and so we will be looking at going down the non-refined sugar route using natural sweetners instead such as maple syrup, fruit and agave. We have been testing out various recipes but still haven’t found ‘the one’ without compromising on taste and texture. We know it’s out there though!

We already provide a number of gluten free cakes including Chocolate, Victoria, Apple Crumble, Carrot and Lemon and are now releasing new Gluten Free special sponges such as our Gluten Free Hazelnut Praline Sponge. We also have a dairy free and gluten free option - our Elizabeth Sponge. These took a lot of testing in our bakery and we believe they taste just as great as our standard flavour Sponges – most people can’t actually taste the difference!

Dairy & Gluten Free Elizabeth Sponge

We would like to build on these as well as introducing some vegan and non refined sugar options – perhaps even a cake that ticks all the boxes - vegan, gluten free and contains no refined sugar. We believe everyone should get to enjoy one our Sponge Cakes.

If you think you have a great recipe that falls under one, two or all of the above then please send us your suggestion to [email protected] or message us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Please include a photo of the finished cake and a recipe containing quantities, products used and full instructions for the bake.

Don’t be afraid to test out different ingredients – when we develop cakes in our bakery we have to make a lot of batches before we get the texture and flavour just right. Testing all those cakes is definitely a ‘tough’ job but someone has got to do it…

If we end up using your recipe in our collection it will be named after you and you will receive a tasty £100 as a thank you from us!

We will of course send you and your family the finished cake as well.

Get baking!


For further dietary and allergy information for individual Sponge Cakes please click on the info buttons on our website.