Sponge Of The Week


Save up to 25% on the Sponge Of The Week!

Indulge in a weekly cake treat! Every week enjoy a recurring special Sponge discount with delivery available from Tuesday through to Friday.

Each week, we select one lucky Sponge Cake as our "Sponge of the Week." This delectable delight can be yours at an extra-special price, allowing you to save up to 25%! To seize this fantastic offer, simply place your order before 3pm this week for one of the cakes below and select a delivery day between Tuesday and Friday. Whether it's for yourself, your family, friends, or the office, it's the perfect way to treat your taste buds.

This week's offer

Medium Carrot

Medium Carrot

£17.25NOW £14.50

Medium Vegan Carrot

Medium Vegan Carrot

£17.50NOW £14.50

Medium Gluten Free Carrot

Medium Gluten Free Carrot

£18.50NOW £15.00

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Did you know?

Have something really special to look forward to with our weekly deal! Every week we choose one lucky sponge cake or bake to be our Sponge of the Week (formerly Sponge Friday) sponge. Offering exclusive discounts on sponge cakes and bakes, with up to 25% off its normal price.

Keep an eye out for the special offer for the week, each week is a different delicious flavour; stay up to date with the weekly flavours on offer, along with fabulous product launches and other company news by subscribing to our newsletter! We always include a gluten-free Sponge of the Week option, as well as a vegan one, so everyone can take advantage of these delicious discounts.

Make sure that you order before 3pm on Thursday in order to get the weekly offer! This is ideal for offices, homes, birthdays and just because! Receive the perfect cake to enjoy this week.

Please note no further discount can be applied to Sponge of the Week orders.

Our standard sponges stay fresh for 10 days; our sponges with fruit stay fresh for 7 days! So, there’s plenty of time to enjoy each yummy slice!

STORAGE - Please store me in an air-tight container in a cosy spot - I don't like being kept in the fridge. Can be frozen for up to 6 months.