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Father’s Day Food Gifts

Treat your Dad with sweet treats from Sponge

Father's Day is a special occasion dedicated to honouring and appreciating the incredible dads, granddads, and father figures in our lives. It's the perfect day to shower them with love, gratitude, and of course, delicious treats. This year, consider making the celebration even more memorable by choosing a classic favourite that's sure to warm his heart and satisfy his sweet tooth. Alongside this, food gifts have become a popular choice, offering a variety of gourmet options that can cater to any taste. With the convenience of letterbox delivery, you can surprise him with a thoughtful and tasty gift, even if you're miles apart.

Shop the whole Father's Day range

Mars Bar Cake - £20.99

If your Dad a Mars Bar lover?! If yes then this cake is the perfect treat for him. Enjoy two chocolate sponge cakes filled and topped with nougat-flavoured buttercream, drizzled with caramel, and topped with chunks of Mars Bar. It's the ultimate treat for dad!

Gluten-Free M&M Chocolate Cake - £21.50

Who doesn't love M&Ms? But M&Ms in a cake? Yes, please! Colourful, flavourful, and filled and topped with one of the nation's favourite chocolates, you can't go wrong! Have yours delivered straight to your door with our efficient nationwide delivery. Don’t miss out on making your celebrations, or even your everyday moments, truly unforgettable.

Chocolate Treat Brownie Box - £18.99

Let dad indulge in the Chocolate Brownie Box. Packed with chocolatey treats like Curly Wurly and M&M brownies, it's the tastiest way to say 'Dad, you're the best!'.

The sturdy box is designed to keep the contents safe but also slim enough to fit through any standard letterbox. Not only are they practical, but they’re also blessed with good looks (ugh, how is that fair?!). Carefully gift-wrapped in funky chocolate-themed parchment paper, the brownies sit under a card front with a design or image of your choice and a personalised message waiting for your loved one on the inside.

Father’s Day Gift Delivery

Our Father’s Day cakes are sent via courier, we deliver our cakes all over the UK straight to the door. Whether your Dad lives in London, Manchester, Glasgow, Birmingham, or even Northern Ireland, we’ll delivery these Father’s Day presents straight to their door.