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Chocolate Birthday Cake Delivery

Get a delicious chocolate birthday cake delivered to your door

Chocoholics, unite! Chocolate is one of those naughty treats that many of us enjoy, more controlled individuals are satisfied with one or two squares, others need a little bit more to get that satisfaction. The thing about chocolate is that it’s comforting, and that’s because it releases endorphins which make us feel good. Let’s face it, we know that chocolate isn’t great for us in the grand scheme of things, if you struggle with moderation, but it is a wonderful treat (it’s a blessing and a curse).

With so many chocoholics out there, there are many people that think that chocolate cakes are their favourite. So, if you have a special birthday coming up, and know that the birthday person is obsessed with chocolate, why not order a chocolate birthday cake to be delivered to your door.

Sure, you could run out to a supermarket and get one, but let’s face it, they’re not all that and there isn’t usually much choice. But we have lots of different options for chocolate cakes, from designs to different chocolate cake flavours! If you're looking for chocolate birthday cake ideas, here’s some more about the chocolate birthday cakes available from Sponge:

Chocolate Cake - Luxurious and rich chocolate, flour and free range eggs create a moist and indulgent Sponge. English butter and chocolate create the ultimate chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate flakes decorate the top. A chocaholics dream!

Pinata Cake - Our Pinata Cake has a rich and deep four layered chocolate sponge cake, smothered in chocolate buttercream and chocolate flakes, with a fun and colourful surprise centre. Perfect for birthday celebrations!

Chocolate Orange Cake - Chocolate and natural orange flavours are swirled together to create a delicious marbled chocolate orange sponge. Buttercream is made with British butter and decadent chocolate. Three different drizzles decorate the top.

Millionaires Cake - Half of the sponge is hand-made with natural vanilla flavouring and free range eggs and the other half is made with indulgent chocolate. Caramel and natural toffee flavouring create a luxurious buttercream. Pretty drizzled milk and white chocolate on the top.

Rocky Road Cake - Naturally flavoured vanilla sponge and delicious chocolate sponge are swirled together creating an indulgent marbled sponge. English butter and chocolate create a smooth buttercream, with marshmallows and crispy chocolate pearls on top.

These are most of the delicious chocolate-based cakes available, and many of them are also available as a gluten free cake. We also have chocolate cakes available as Dairy Free Cakes, Vegan Cakes, and Gluten and Dairy Free Cakes.

We also have some extra special chocolate celebration birthday cakes available:

Chocolate Number Cake - Our Chocolate Number Cakes are ideal for birthdays or anniversaries! Whether you're celebrating someone's 18th birthday or a 40th wedding anniversary, it's easy to create a number cake with Sponge.

Simply choose your topper design, pop in the number you want to appear on the cake, and review your design. We've got a great range of toppers to choose from, so you're sure to find one fit for your occasion!

Chocolate Photo Cake - Our Chocolate Photo Cake is the perfect centrepiece for a birthday or special occasion! You can get creative and upload your own photo and add personalised text, or choose from one of our fun pre-designed toppers! From roarsome designs for your child's birthday to romantic anniversary designs we've got something for everyone. How creative will you get?

Sponge offer next day delivery on our chocolate cakes all over the UK, when you order by 3pm. So, if you can’t be with a loved one on a special occasion, or want a delicious chocolate birthday cake delivered to your door, or have a chocolate cake emergency, we will ensure that your cakes are delivered safely and securely straight to your front door. Our Sponge cake delivery service is second to none with our robust designed packaging that keeps your order safe in transit.