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The Fifth Brownie Flavour!

What will our fifth brownie flavour be?

We’re getting closer and closer to the official launch of our brownie range and we don’t think we’ve ever been this excited! It’s only a short amount of time until you can start ordering delicious brownies online to be delivered straight to your door!

Just picture the fudgy chocolately brownies, sitting on a plate in front of you, maybe you’ll eat it warmed up with cream, or ice-cream. Perhaps you’ll pair them with custard, or simply enjoy them just as they are with a lovely cup of team or coffee. Whatever way you imagine or eat a yummy brownie, we’re sure you’re going to love our brownie range.

So, the time has come and I bet you’ve been waiting very patiently for this one! We bet you’re ready to find out what our fifth brownie flavour will be…

We can reveal… the next brownie flavour that will become a member of our brownie range will be…


Hazelnut Brownies!

That’s right, yummy, fudgy brownies, with the delicious pairing of chocolate and hazelnut flavours together! These flavours have gone together perfectly in the past, so we’re confident you’ll enjoy these brownies as much as we do.

There’s less than two weeks left to go until we launch our scrumptious brownie range, so we hope you’re getting ready to place your order! We will give you regular updates on our social media channels, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, with the latest developments in our brownie range. We have a few other plans in mind of where to head next with our brownie range after the initial flavours are all available to purchase. But we can’t reveal all just yet, you’ll have to keep your eyes peeled for the latest brownie developments.

Soon our brownie range will be available and you’ll be able to order brownies online at, alongside all of our delicious cakes. And, just like our cakes, we’ll be delivering brownies all over the UK. So, whether you are looking for Brownies ‘near me’, Brownie delivery in London, Brownie delivery in Bristol, Brownie delivery in Manchester, Brownie delivery in Glasgow, Brownie delivery in Northern Ireland, or Brownie delivery anywhere else in the UK, Sponge will soon be delivering delicious brownies straight to your door.