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Struggling to choose a flavour – Sharing Sponges are for you!

When you’re having a gathering of people, for a celebration or just a catch-up, you’ll watch a fabulous tasty treat to enjoy with them. You may already have an idea of a cake flavour you like or want to try, but you may not know what your guests like. Even if you do you may be thinking, well I can’t buy an individual cake for everyone. That’s true, buying individual cakes for everyone could become costly, but you still want to allow everyone a chance to have a piece of cake they’ll like right?

We’ve come up with a fantastic solution to this issue. We’ve had experiences where you have a get-together and you think, “Yep! This is a great choice everyone will love this”, only to have one or two people say don’t like it. That’s why we created our sharing sponge range. You can get a selection of delicious cake flavours in one cake, so everyone can have a slice that they’ll love.

Four Sharing Cakes – These cakes are great, if you know there are four flavours that everyone likes, but not everyone likes the same one, these cakes are right (plus you can have a couple of slices of your favourite). There are a few options to choose from with our four sharing cakes:

  • Traditional Four Sharing – Four wedges of each of our traditional flavours – Victoria, Chocolate, Lemon drizzle, and coffee. It’s perfect for a gathering, even if you don’t know someone’s preference, there’s bound to be one they love.
  • Quirky Four Sharing – This sponge contains four wedges each of our delicious less traditional flavours – Apple Crumble, Bakewell, Chocolate Orange and Carrot Cake. This is ideal if you’re looking for something a bit different from the norm and you can’t decide which flavour to go for!
  • Gluten Free Four Sharing – This fabulous sponge is perfect for individuals with a gluten intolerance. Four wedges of our popular gluten free cakes – Victoria, Chocolate, carrot and Apple Crumble. Perfect for sharing and they taste as good as our standard range!

Super Sharing Sponge – This is the ultimate sharing cake! It’s big, it’s beautiful and it’s delicious. This truly is the cake that will please everyone, 14 yummy cake flavour slices in one huge cake. It is ideal for when you want to try and please everyone, so they all get a slice of cake that they love. Or, if you’re just really struggling to settle on one flavour for yourself and just want to try them all to find your favourite, this is great for that too!

Did you know we offer next day delivery on all of our cakes, including our Sharing Sponge Cakes, when you place your order before 2pm on a weekday? So, if you’re looking for a last-minute cake, we can get it to you the next day!

We deliver our cakes all over the UK, including Northern Ireland. So, if you’re looking for a delicious cake to be delivered to London, Manchester, Cardiff, Glasgow, Bristol, or anywhere else in the UK, for any occasion, order at