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Pet Charity Cards

Send a pet themed card to an animal lover!

Charity Cards – the Pawfect gifts for pet lovers

Sponge has teamed up with Wood Green Animal Shelter to create the pawfect gift for pet lovers. We have developed our own special charity pet cards and are donating £1 for each pet card sold via the pet charity card category, to Wood Green animal shelter. All helping to raise funds for the great work that they are doing, helping animals and finding them forever homes.

Quirky Gift

Send a fun personalised pet themed card to an animal lover, for all different occasions. A lovely card for birthdays, anniversaries and any special occasion. Find lovely cards for cat and dog lovers, and many other lovely animal themed cards too. We have lots of different card fronts to choose from for all animal lovers!

Pet Lover Letterbox Gifts

If you know someone who is mad about pets then our pet charity cards are the perfect letterbox gift for that special someone. Simply choose the perfect pet charity card and then add either one of two slices of cake. Choose from over 8 different flavours of cake including lemon, Victoria, millionaires, chocolate, carrot, and more. There are also gluten free options to choose from as well, such as apple crumble, chocolate, Victoria and more. Not forgetting there are vegan options as well, including carrot and chocolate.

You can also add personalisation extras such as balloons, candles, tea, coffee and more, to create a really special personalised letterbox gift, to be delivered directly through their letterbox. Or instead of a slice of cake you can add one of our great gift slices that are perfect for a special birthday card.

Pet Charity Cards

With every pet charity card order we donate £1 towards the fantastic work that Wood Green Animal shelter is doing! Make sure to make your friend aware of this great charity, and if you want to donate more you can do so by heading to their website here. You can support with one off payments of monthly donations, and every little helps. Or if you are looking to give a pet a loving home, they are always looking for lovely homes for all kinds of wonderful animals.

Cute messages to send to animal lovers

A special message for a pet lover in their pet charity Cake Card to put a big smile on their face:

  • Animals are our best company on this vast planet; they are also a part of us and deserve our respect and protection.
  • We are the civilised beings on this planet; however, animals still surprise us every day and with pure acts of love that we rarely see among us.

Or know a friend how has a pet who is under the weather, then make sure that you let them know you are thinking of them. Get well wishes for pets include:

  • I am praying your furry friend gets better soon!
  • I heard ______ had to go to the vets. Here’s hoping he/she makes a speedy recovery.
  • Get back on your paws soon!
  • We know how much joy a pet brings to your life, so our thoughts are with you as _____ recovers from their surgery.