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Gifts for Cousins

Send them a gift to show you care

Close families are a wonderful thing, there’s so much support and love around you when you’re all tightly knit. It’s probably most prominent, when you all live in a reasonable distance from each other. When siblings are close growing up, there’s a fair chance that if they end up having children that are roughly the same age, you may end up being really close friends with your cousins.

Cousins can be really influential people in our lives, they’re often fairly similar to us in many senses, and sometimes you may see a cousin as more of a brother or sister figure in your life. And when you are close, you want to be there for them throughout their lives, especially for the special occasions. Why wouldn’t you want to celebrate with someone you love?

You could go down the sentimental route, if you’re really close to them then this could be an ideal option. There are plenty of things you can do with a great photo – perhaps you could get them a nice photo frame and put it in it, or get it printed on a canvas. Other options would include printing it on a mug or pillow. Or, if you looking for something a bit different you could create a photo cake to gift to them; it would be a great surprise and a delicious treat for their special occasion.

Maybe flowers are the route to go? Lots of people love flowers as gifts and they can be used to tell a story. We may not think about it, but every flower represents something different and has a different meaning. For instance, lilies are synonymous with sadder occasions, but they actually represent purity, innocence, and rebirth. Each flower says a different thing, so you can create a magical story with a bouquet with a mixture – creating a personalised bouquet of flowers can be more expensive than just grabbing a bouquet from the supermarket, but it’s definitely more of a personal approach to a flower gift.

The best thing is knowing exactly what they want, obviously, when you know them really well that’s a bit easier. They may have even told you want they want, which is the ideal situation. The problem with that is, there’s no surprise. And surprises are even better, they don’t know what to expect, and you get to see a great big smile on their face, as well as their excitement and joy.

When you haven’t got a clue what to get them, that’s where the real issues start to arise. You can sometimes end up going down a rabbit hole for a while, trying to search for the perfect gift. We overcomplicate things for ourselves when actually, we just need to take a step back and think “what does everyone love?”. And we have the answer. Obviously, it’s cake!

We usually think of cake as an add-on to the special occasion, but they can actually make really nice presents as well. There are many different ways to create great gift packages and we have a few options that can help you. Take our range of cake flavours, there’s one that everyone will love. If you’re looking for a crowd-pleaser or just don’t know what they will like, then one of our sharing cakes is a great option. For a cake package, we recommend our celebration cakes. Or, if you can’t see them, and you just want to show them that you care, then why not send one of our letterbox Cake Cards?

Those are just a few of our suggestions; we could honestly go on and on about our cake ranges, but we’re confident that there is a cake that is perfect to send to your cousin as a gift.