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Brother’s Day 2022

Send your brother some cake for brother’s day!

Brothers, love them or hate them, when you have a brother, they can test your patience at times. Although they can be annoying know it all's at times, they can also be our biggest supporters, especially the older you get. And they can be extremely wonderful human beings, and you may share a lot of fun and laughter with yours.

We think it’s fair to say that you also start to appreciate them and what they do or have done for you over time as well. However, it can be hard to remember to show them you appreciate them sometimes, with so much going on in our own lives.

Brother’s Day 2022 was created to be a day that you tell or show your brother that you love him, regardless of the arguments or things he may have put you through, or even what you put him through growing up. And those squabbles and arguments may have even brought you closer together over the years.

We think a great thing to do for your brother is to send him something delicious that you know he will love. Cake isn’t just for birthdays but if you think that they are you’ll be pleased to know that we have brownies and Cake Cards as well that we’re sure he’ll love.


We have so many different flavours to choose from, we know everyone has different tastes so it’s important to have a variety of options available so that everyone can find someone they love. From fancy and surprising cakes for impact to classically simple cakes. Here are just a few of our cakes:

Pinata Cake - Our Pinata Cake has a rich and deep four layered chocolate sponge cake, smothered in chocolate buttercream and chocolate flakes, with a fun and colourful surprise centre. Perfect for any celebration!

Rainbow Cake - Our colourful rainbow cake is made up of four layers of light and fluffy vanilla sponge with three layers of deliciously sweet vanilla buttercream sandwiched between. Vanilla buttercream also covers the entire cake and it is then coated very generously in a cloud of white chocolate flakes. The perfect rainbow birthday cake for any age, or a great cake to cheer up a loved one. Due to the number of layers, buttercream and coating it is very generous and will easily feed more than 8 people! Comes with a rainbow topper for decoration.

Lemon Drizzle - The sponge is infused with natural lemon oil and made with free range eggs to create a light and fluffy citrus cake. Natural lemon oil is also used in the buttercream and white chocolate is drizzled on top.

Chocolate Cake - Luxurious and rich chocolate, flour and free range eggs create a moist and indulgent Sponge. English butter and chocolate create the ultimate chocolate buttercream and milk chocolate flakes decorate the top. A chocaholics dream!

These are just a few of the delicious cakes available there are so many more! We’re sure your brother would love one of the flavours available. And if your brother has dietary requirements, we can accommodate them too. We have a great range of gluten free cakes, dairy free cakes, vegan cakes, and gluten and dairy free cakes too!


Just like our cakes we have a fabulous range of brownies available in several different flavours, so if you don’t want to send your brother a cake or a standard chocolate brownie, why not send him something a little bit more daring. You can get him just one flavour of brownie or let him try them all with our sharing brownie (featuring four great flavours – one wedge of each). A lot of our brownie flavours are available as gluten free brownies, and we even have vegan brownies available!

Cake Cards

If you want to send your brother a letterbox gift for convenience and not knowing whether or not he’ll be in to answer the door to a delivery driver, then our Cake Cards are perfect. You can choose a lovely card design, and write a message inside to let him know how much you love him. Then you can choose a slice or two of cake to pop inside the card and some extras to make the perfect letterbox present.