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Be a Millionaire Day

Get a Millionaires cake for Be a Millionaire Day

We think it’s fair to say that most of us have dreamt about being a millionaire at least once in our life time. Not many of us will ever know what it actually feels like to get there, unless we’re extremely lucky and happen to win the Lottery. But even though we may not be wealthy in terms of money, we can still feel rich in spirit.

On the 20th of May 2021 it’s Be A Millionaire Day, realistically we very much doubt someone will be coming to present us with a cheque for a million pounds (but we can dream!) – but we can help ourselves and others feel like a millionaire. Treat someone to something special to help them feel rich. We think a great way to do this is by sending them a Millionaires cake, you could even buy one for yourself. It’s a decadently rich tasting cake that is perfect for sending to someone you love.

There are a couple of options for sending some millionaires cake to your friends and family.

Whole Millionaires Cake

A millionaires cake with a vanilla and chocolate cake, toffee and caramel butter icing and chocolate drizzle. Half of the sponge is hand-made with natural vanilla flavouring and free range eggs and the other half is made with indulgent chocolate. Caramel and natural toffee flavouring create a luxurious buttercream. Pretty drizzled milk and white chocolate on the top.

These delicious cakes are available as a standard whole cake or as a gluten free whole cake, so there is an option for those with gluten intolerances too.

Cake Cards with a Millionaires Cake Slice

Are you looking for a smaller letterbox gift to send to a loved one? Our Cake Cards are the perfect choice to send to someone you care about. There are lots of card options to choose from for any occasion, including birthday cards, anniversary card, good luck cards, cards just because, and many more options.

About our Millionares Cake Slice - If you love millionaires shortbread then our Millionaires cake slice is for you... A Victoria and Chocolate Sponge sandwiched together with luxurious toffee and caramel butter icing. It is topped with yummy chocolate butter icing and drizzled with melted milk and white chocolate... yum!

There are lots of added extras you can include in the box as well to create a wonderful letterbox gift we’re sure they’ll love.

Looking for Millionaires cake delivery near me? We deliver our millionaires cakes all over the UK - simply order you cake online via our website and pick a delivery date. Our sponge cake delivery is second to none and we will ensure your cake is delivered safely and securely straight to your front door.

We offer next day delivery on our sponge cakes if you order by 2pm (subject to availability) or you can pick the delivery date you would like via our delivery calendar as you go through the checkout. Whether you want to send a sponge cake to a friend or get one delivered to enjoy at home we will make sure you are kept up to date with your cake order with regular email notifications.

We can deliver anywhere in the UK including cake delivery to London, cake delivery Manchester, cake delivery Birmingham, cake delivery Liverpool as well as cakes delivered to Bristol.