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Birthday Cakes Delivery

Get fabulous birthday cakes delivered to your home

Currently, we are doing our best to only venture out when absolutely necessary, this includes doing fewer trips to the shop and buying more in one shop to make it last longer. But, that’s not always convenient when you want to celebrate a birthday at home. You don’t want to have to buy a cake too far in advance, but at the same time, you don’t want to have to go out just to buy a cake.

Have you thought about having a birthday cake delivered to your home? If you don’t want to go to the shops to buy a cake, or you can’t, then this option is perfect for you. It couldn’t be easier to arrange to have a birthday cake delivered to your home with Sponge. All you need to do is visit, choose your perfect cake, add any extras and choose your delivery date.

We have a great range of birthday cakes available, including standard cakes, gluten free cakes, dairy free cakes, and vegan cakes. Perfect to have at home, or to send to friends and loved ones for their birthdays. Here are some of the yummy cakes available:

Chocolate and Caramel Cake - Our limited edition Chocolate and Caramel Cake is now here to stay due to its huge popularity and requests from our Sponge fans! This yummy sponge cake is flavoured with chocolate and caramel creating a marbled effect. It is sandwiched together with a generous double layer of buttercream - chocolate buttercream on the bottom and caramel buttercream on top. It is finished off with more chocolate buttercream on top, a gorgeous drizzle of chocolate, and a sprinkle of crushed salted butter pieces.

Cookies and Cream Cake - A cookies and cream cake with chocolate sponge, vanilla buttercream and crushed Oreo cookies. Our chocolate sponge contains flour, free range eggs and indulgent chocolate. English butter and natural vanilla flavouring make a wonderfully thick and creamy buttercream icing with delicious crushed Oreo's running through it.

Lemon Drizzle Cake - A lemon drizzle cake with a sweet citrus sponge made with lemon oil & bound together with lashings of lemon buttercream. The sponge is infused with natural lemon oil and made with free range eggs to create a light and fluffy citrus cake. Natural lemon oil is also used in the buttercream and white chocolate is drizzled on top.

Victoria Sponge Cake – A classic birthday flavour! A Victoria sponge cake with a light fluffy vanilla sponge, raspberry jam and vanilla buttercream. Free range eggs, flour and natural vanilla flavouring creates our award-winning light and fluffy Victoria Sponge. The buttercream is made from English butter and natural vanilla flavouring which is complemented perfectly with quality raspberry jam.

Gluten and Dairy Free Elizabeth Cake – A gluten and dairy free cake with apricot and lemon flavours, ground almonds and finished with a golden crown of Demerara Sugar. Juicy sultanas, free range eggs, lemon juice, gluten free flour mix and ground almonds create this fruity sponge. Quality apricot jam binds the sponge together and demerara sugar is dusted on top for added crunch.

Vegan Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake – Our Vegan Chocolate Caramel Fudge Cake has a deliciously moist chocolate sponge which is sandwiched together with lashings of caramel flavoured buttercream and chunks of vegan vanilla fudge. On top you will find more caramel buttercream finished off with more chunks of delicious salted caramel fudge and a sprinkling of cocoa nibs. Fudge, caramel and chocolate are a match made in heaven!

Birthday Cake Alternatives

If you’re looking for something a little bit different this year to celebrate a birthday, why not get a birthday brownie? We have a great range of brownies that are perfect for any birthday celebration. And you can get these brownies delivered to your home as well! A great thing about our brownies is that they are round, making them ideal for birthdays, and they can be cut into wedges, meaning everyone gets the best bit of the brownie. They are delicious as they come, or you can warm them up and enjoy them with ice-cream, cream, or custard.

We have a great selection to choose from including standard brownies, gluten free brownies, and vegan brownies. So, there’s something for everyone!

Looking for cake delivery near me or brownie delivery near me? We deliver cakes and brownies all over the UK - simply order cakes or order brownies online via our website and pick a delivery date. Our sponge cake delivery is second to none and we will ensure your occasion or birthday cake is delivered safely and securely straight to your front door.

We offer next day delivery on our sponge cakes and brownies if you order by 2pm or you can pick the delivery date you would like via our delivery calendar as you go through the checkout. Whether you want to send a sponge cake to a friend or get one delivered to enjoy at home we will make sure you are kept up to date with your cake order with regular email notifications.