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Bakewell Cake

Classic flavours make delicious cakes

Bakewell tarts are popular sweet treats in the UK, the traditional form is a cherry Bakewell tart but you can find raspberry Bakewell tarts as well. The delicious combination of tart fruit and sweet almond makes for a beautiful flavour combination. We love this combination, so we decided to make our own Bakewell cake.

Sponge’s Bakewell Cake

A deliciously light and fluffy sponge cake with the flavours of a Bakewell tart. Our Bakewell tart inspired cake recipe uses natural almond oil and free range eggs to make a yummy and light sponge cake. A smattering of raspberry jam in the middle and an almond oil infused buttercream. Crunchy flaked almonds sit on top. A simple combination of flavours creates a beautiful tasting Sponge Cake.

Bakewell Birthday Cake

Our raspberry Bakewell cakes are ideal for birthdays. They are available in two sizes; a Sponge for 8 or a Sponge for 16. If you know someone who loves Bakewell tarts, they will surely adore a Bakewell Cake on their birthday. They make a wonderful centre piece on a table filled with your favourite party foods. You can get them sent to your own home or to the door of a friend, loved one or family member.

We offer a great selection of added extras to really get the party started. You can choose to include some tipples with the birthday cake such as a bottle of beer, Gin & Tonic or a bottle of prosecco. There’s also fantastic range of hot drinks to choose from including tea and coffee, and soft drinks such as Elderflower Presse or Fenitmans Curiosity Cola.

Other extras to include are candles, balloons and a birthday card. Not only can you include all of these items in the box with the Bakewell birthday cake, you can also send it gift wrapped! Perfect for a birthday surprise or celebration!

How to Buy a Bakewell Cake

It’s really simple and easy to buy a Bakewell Cake from Sponge. You can order them online here. Just select the size of cake from the drop down in the top right-hand corner and click buy. Then you’ll be taken through the extras you can add to your order, and you’ll be taken through to the basket page. Once you’re happy with your order click the checkout button and you’ll be able to add delivery details and page for you order. Finally, you’ll receive a confirmation email for your order.

Cake Delivery UK

We deliver our cakes all over the UK, including London, Northern Ireland, Birmingham, Liverpool, and more! So, no matter where you are you can have a delicious cake delivered straight to your door. You can even choose to have it delivered to the door of a loved one, friend, or family member.

Cake Storage

To keep our cakes deliciously moist, and to avoid dryness and crumbliness we recommend storing them in a nice cosy spot. They don’t like being cold, so don’t recommend storing them in the fridge.

You can also freeze our cakes for up to 6 months! Just put them in the freezer whole in their packaging or whatever is left over in an airtight container. You could even cut it in to slices – put them in to air tight containers and freeze it that way. When you are ready for more cake, just take it out of the freezer and leave it in a cosy spot for 24 hours. Once it’s up to room temperature it will be just as delicious as when it first arrived and ready to eat.

A Brief History of Bakewell Tarts

Originally Bakewell wasn’t a tart – it actually started out as Bakewell pudding! There have been many variations of Bakewell over the years, including iced cherry Bakewell and jam and coconut tarts. The original Bakewell pudding recipe originated in the 1800’s and it wasn’t until the 20thcentury that it was developed in to the Bakewell tarts sold in cafes, bakeries and shops that we know and love today.