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Gluten Free Kid's Birthday Cakes

Find that perfect gluten free kids birthday cake!

Gluten free Kids Birthday Cakes

It can be difficult to find that perfect birthday cake for a child, and it is made even harder if that cake needs to be gluten free! Although not to worry as we can take the stress away from baking a gluten free birthday cake or finding one. We offer delicious gluten free kids birthday cakes that are certain to complete any birthday celebration.

Gluten free flavours

You will find the perfect gluten free flavour for any kid’s birthday! There is a great choice of flavours which include apple crumble, carrot, chocolate, coffee, Elizabeth, lemon, millionaires, Victoria and more seasonal specials! Choose a flavour to complete a kid’s birthday, and make their birthday extra special with a delicious gluten free cake.

Children's toppers

Gluten Free Topped Cakes

After choosing the flavour of cake, you can then add a cake topper to make sure it looks the part for a kid’s birthday party. There are many great designs to choose from, including pirates, mermaids, princesses, football, dinosaurs, emojis, age milestones and much more. Whatever their interests are, you can find the ideal cake topper to put a big smile on their face. Just because they need to follow a gluten free diet, does not mean they have to miss out on a fantastic birthday cake.

Personalised Gluten Free Kid’s Cakes

Along with choosing a cake topper to personalise a gluten free cake for a special occasion, you can also add extras to your order to make it ready for a birthday party. Why not add number candles, balloons, greetings card, drinks and much more! Choose the perfect additions to make it even more special.

SS GF slate

Gluten Free Sharing Cakes

Are you struggling to choose the perfect flavour for a kid’s birthday cake then why not get our gluten free sharing cake! Our gluten free sharing cake contains 4 different gluten free flavours; Victoria, chocolate, carrot and apple crumble. The perfect cake if you can’t decide which flavours to go for a kid’s birthday cake.

Gluten Free Kid’s Birthday Cakes Delivery

We can deliver our gluten free kid’s birthday cakes to any address in the UK. Do not worry about having to collect the cake or driving to find a gluten free cake. Simply choose the flavour, and personalisation options online, input the address then select the date you want it delivered. Or if you order before 2pm you even get next working day delivery! Take the hassle away from finding a cake, and have it delivered directly to your door. Or you can even have it delivered directly to a venue ready for a celebration.

CC birthday

Gluten Free Kid’s Cake Cards

If you have a friend or relative you want to send a birthday card to, then our Cake Cards offer the perfect combination of card and cake too. We have great gluten free slice options, and you can add either one of two slices of delicious cake to a card. Find a lovely kid’s card, and have it delivered directly through their letterbox.