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Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

Delicious Dairy Free Chocolate Cake!

Dairy Free Chocolate Cake

We think we have created the perfect dairy free chocolate cake for anyone following a dairy free or vegan diet. We all know that chocolate cake is one of people’s favourites, therefore we have perfected the most delicious cake free from dairy, and animal products to produce a wonderfully moist, and indulgent vegan and dairy free chocolate cake.

What is in the mix?

To create our delicious vegan chocolate cake we combine soya milk, chocolate, vegan butter, and the secret ingredient, coffee! The coffee really helps bring out the chocolate flavour within the sponge, and then topped with cocoa pieces sprinkled all over the top for that added crunch. Producing a mouth-watering vegan and dairy free chocolate sponge, accompanied with our wonderfully smooth, thick, and creamy buttercream.

How does it look?

Our indulgent dairy free chocolate cake is generously sandwiched together and topped with chocolate vegan buttercream and sprinkled with nibbed cocoa pieces for some added texture. This egg and milk free chocolate cake certainly looks the part for any special occasion.

Dairy Free Chocolate Cake for all occasions

Our dairy free chocolate cake is perfect for all different occasions including birthdays, anniversaries, celebrations, and much more. Why not send this yummy cake to a friend or family member following a dairy free or vegan diet. The perfect way to receive dairy free cakes in the post. You can order our dairy free chocolate cake from home and have it delivered to any address in the UK ready for a special occasion.

Other dairy free alternatives

Other great dairy free cakes as well, including our delicious vegan and dairy free carrot cake! Full of grated carrots, soya milk, walnut sultanas, and cinnamon, to create a beautifully moist vegan sponge. Complimented with a creamy vegan buttercream with natural lemon flavouring.

We also have our Elizabeth sponge which is gluten free as well as dairy free! A cake full of apricot and lemon flavours, ground almonds and finished with a golden crown of Demerara Sugar. With a yummy layer of apricot jam that holds the sponge all together and compliments the fruit sponge perfectly.

Chocolate Cake!

Or looking for a chocolate cake, then we have a regular version as well, that is certain to fill your chocolate needs! A rich and indulgent chocolate cake, generously filled with a thick layer of chocolate buttercream, and made with luxurious rich chocolate! Topped with milk chocolate flakes for a delicious extra touch.

Gluten Free Chocolate Cake

As well as our delicious dairy free chocolate cake, we have a gluten free alternative as well. You will not even be able to tell them that it is gluten free, and certain to keep anyone needing gluten free cake happy! We do not compromise on flavour, making sure that it is just as delicious.

Dairy Free Chocolate Cake Delivery

You can get your dairy free chocolate cake delivered directly to your door, or you can select the day for it to arrive. Order from the comfort of your own home and have it delivered to any address in the UK. Perfect to send to a friend living in the UK, who needs a dairy free diet.