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Vegan Birthday Cakes

Looking for a tasty and dairy free birthday cake? We've got you covered.

Getting ready to celebrate your first birthday as a vegan or have you been vegan for a while and are getting sick of overpriced vegan cakes which lack flavour and texture?

We have come up with two vegan cake flavours which make perfect birthday cakes - our vegan chocolate cake and our vegan carrot cake. Both are sure to impress even non-vegans at your birthday party and most people can't even tell they are vegan cakes!

Both our flavours come in two sizes - to feed 8 or 16 people very generously. Don't settle for tiny, flat and dry supermarket cakes for your birthday - treat yourself to one of our indulgent vegan sponge cakes. Order cake online and get it delivered anywhere in the UK - if you order by 2pm you can even get it delivered the very next day!

Our vegan birthday cakes are perfect for little ones as many children can be allergic to dairy - with our vegan dairy free cakes they don't need to miss out on delicious birthday cake!

Vegan Chocolate Birthday Cake

Our vegan chocolate birthday cake is our most popular choice for birthdays by our vegan customers - it is rich and indulgent with two generous layers of delicious chocolate sponge and a wonderfully thick layer of vegan chocolate buttercream in the middle and on top. It has pretty carob nibs sprinkled on the top for a bit of welcome crunch too. We have lots of personalisation options to create the ultimate vegan birthday cake including fountain candles, happy birthday candles, candle numbers, balloons, drinks and happy birthday toppers.

Vegan Carrot Birthday Cake

Our vegan carrot birthday cake is another great choice for birthdays - it has one thick layer of deliciously moist and spiced sponge filled with wholesome ingredients. It is topped with a delicious and delicate lemon vegan buttercream and crunchy walnut pieces. It is undetectably vegan and most of all yum! Top with some happy birthday candles to create a stunning vegan birthday cake.

Our vegan birthday cakes stay fresh for 7 days and you can even freeze them for up to six months in their packaging or wrapped up in clingfilm once opened. Do not keep your vegan cakes in the fridge though - they keep best in an air-tight container at room temperature.

If you are ordering your vegan cakes for a birthday then please choose a delivery date a day or two before the big day just incase there are any unforeseen delivery delays - as our cakes stay fresh for 7 days you don't need to worry!

It is easy to order cake online through our website but if you do run in to any issues then just fill in our online help form and someone will assist you - we aim to respond within 2-3 working hours.

Little extras

We have lots of little extras that you can add to your vegan cakes to turn them in to the perfect vegan birthday cake.


We have a great selection of candles for your vegan birthday cakes including Happy Birthday candles, numbered candles, princess candles, football candles or even fountain candles to make your sponge cake sparkle! See all the options after you add your vegan cake to the basket and go through the checkout. Our animal candles are perfect for a children's vegan birthday cake!


We have a wide selection of drinks to choose from including alcoholic tipples, fizzy pops and a selection of hot drinks to add to your vegan cakes. These options will come up after you add your vegan sponge cake to your basket.

Mother's Day Tipples & Extras

Balloons & Extras

Make your vegan birthday go with a bang with a pack of our colourful fun balloons - perfect for any age!

Kids Party Pack

Have a children's party? Why not add one of our kids party packs so you have everything you need to get the party started! Add as you glide through the checkout after picking your vegan cake - or add to your basket here.

Gift wrap

Make your vegan sponge cake look dapper with our colourful gift wrap options.

Acrylic Happy Birthday Topper

Our acrylic happy birthday topper is the perfect addition to your vegan cake to make it stand out! It is also washable and re-usable so it can be used again and again to dress up your sponge cake for special occasions.