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Our new Sponge Stars have gone down a storm since we launched them in the summer! Check out what you're saying about them... [caption id=attachm...

Our new Sponge Stars have gone down a storm since we launched them in the summer! Check out what you're saying about them..

Millionaires Sponge

Millionaires Sponge

Millionaires Sponge - You don't have to be a millionaire to enjoy this new creation from Sponge, just a lover of all things chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Victoria and Chocolate Sponge sandwiched together with luxurious toffee and caramel butter icing and topped with chocolate butter icing, drizzled with melted milk and white chocolate for a truly decadent Sponge experience!

"This cake was amazing and the sponge is just as i remember from the first time i tried a cake from Sponge. The customer service i had was second to none and my cake was delivered by midday the next day. Outstanding company with equally outstanding cakes, will be recommending to everyone." Linessa Acheampong from London

Bounty Sponge

Bounty Sponge - Created from another retro favourite, the Bounty Sponge, with classic Chocolate Sponge and sumptuous creamy coconut filling and topping, will satisfy any sweet tooth. There's chocolate, there's coconut - what's not to love about this new moreish Sponge invention!

"Had this at a friends party, I took the trouble to find out where she got it, it's THAT GOOD! Delicious ++++++" John from Cambell

Rocky Road

Rocky Road Sponge

Rocky Road Sponge - This 4" masterpiece is generously made with indulgent marbled chocolate sponge held together and topped off with chocolate butter cream loaded with gooey marshmallows and dark chocolate and white crispy pearls. Originally a Sponge spring special in 2011, the Rocky Road is back!

"This was the very first cake that I tried from SPONGE and despite loving all of the other flavours too, this is my absolute all time favorite. The combination is simply mouthwatering and I am so very thankful that you've brought Rocky Road back into my life. Simply stunning!" Zenia from Wiltshire

Snickers Sponge

Snickers Sponge: - Marathon or Snickers, everyone will enjoy this new sinfully delicious Sponge inspired by a tuck shop favourite..! Crunchy salted peanuts combined with sweet gooey toffee butter icing sandwiches together chocolate sponge, no wonder it's a new favourite amongst the bakery boffins..!

"It's the best cake so far!! Excellent sponge as always but the filling and topping are both perfect! It's all gone!" Andrew from Norwich

+ Don't forget about Baby Sponge stars!! Find them in the Sponge Shop!