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Top 5 Food Gifts to Give to Your Teacher

Teachers play a significant role in shaping our lives, and what better way to show appreciation than with a delightful cake? Here are our favourites.

1. Chocolate Treat Brownie Box - £18.99 For the ultimate chocolate enjoyment

The best letterbox food gift! Indulge in our Chocolate Treat Brownie Box, which includes M&M and Curly Wurly brownies, ensuring chocolate satisfaction for your teacher. With nationwide delivery it makes the perfect gift no matter where they are.

2. Cake card - From £8.99

Cake Cards are a special kind of present that you can either send in the post or deliver by hand to make your teacher's day. They come in a sturdy crafted card box's that holds a card and your choice of one or two delicious cake slices. So why send a card when you can send a card filled with cake?

3. Baby sponges - £13.50 for 4

Our Traditional Baby Sponge Cakes Box contains our four traditional flavours in baby sponge form. Because they are compact and served separately, baby sponge cakes are practical and simple to eat. Given their busy schedules, teachers may find that a small treat makes a filling and quick snack when they take a break.

4. Lemon drizzle cake - £16.99

Our lemon drizzle cake is perfect for a teacher who loves fresh and vibrant flavours. With each bite, the light and fluffy sponge drenched in a tangy lemon syrup delivers a rush of fresh pleasure.

5. Topped personalised cakes - £25.50

Brighten your teachers day by getting creative and upload your own photo and add personalised text, such as the teachers name! Apply these creative ideas on top of a rich, indulgent chocolate cake or onto our Victoria cake with a light vanilla sponge.