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Black Friday Deals

You do not want to miss out on these...

It’s official, the clocks have turned back. It does make a difference, losing that extra hour of daylight at the end of the day just after the clocks go back. But, it’s not all doom and gloom! We are here to help take those daylight hour blues away, offering fantastic offers throughout November to put a smile on your face or the faces of your loved ones.

Black Friday signifies the largest retail shopping day of the year and here at Sponge HQ we have some amazing one-off Black Friday deals to share with our Sponge family! Keep a close eye on your inbox over the coming weeks as we prepare you for our Black Friday deals for online purchases only via our website.

If you are preparing for the busy Christmas season, be it office Christmas parties, family gatherings or simply stocking up on the finer things, then take advantage of our Black Friday online deals by ordering today for delivery whenever you would like.


What is Black November?

You may have heard of Black Friday; it’s become a popular event in the UK after we adopted it from the USA. Black Friday is an annual shopping event, in America it falls on the Friday after Thanksgiving. What happens is that many shops will open early (some will even open at midnight) for shoppers to take advantage of hugely discounted items, and it is usually the best time to grab a bargain on items you really want or items that are on someone’s Christmas list that you otherwise would pay a lot more for.

Black Friday’s meaning may look business driven. But the shopping event was actually started by shoppers. It was first observed in Philadelphia which would always have high traffic the day after Thanksgiving. This is when Black Friday was first coined with the shopping twist and it dates back to 1961. Though, the original Black Friday actually had a lot less to do with shopping. However, today, it’s an event that help retailers move from red to black before the end of the year

Black November has become an extension of Black Friday, which used to just be the one day, then it got extended to the full weekend (starting on Friday and ending on Sunday). Now many businesses are offering special deals throughout the month of November. This is great, as it means you’ll be able to take advantage of great offers for longer in the run-up to the festive period!


Sponge Black Friday Deals

We are joining in with Black November this year, providing you with some great deals so that your cake and brownie requirements are covered. We will be running a different deal each week of November which we think you’ll love, we will be releasing the offer on the Friday of each week, so keep your eyes peeled on our social media channels, website, and our email newsletter to find out what they are!

An important thing to say is that although you’ll need to take advantage of the offer the week that it is released, your order doesn’t need to be delivered that same week! You can use the offer and get your order delivered any time from that week or place your order in advance up to the end of the year! If you’re thinking about ordering a Christmas cake or a birthday cake, November is the best time to place your order!


The First Black Friday Deal 2023

First up for just ONE WEEK ONLY, our expert bakers have whipped up a devilishly delicious limited edition special to kick start Black Friday Month, the Triple Chocolate Sponge!

More layers, more chocolate, no extra cost! The Triple Chocolate Sponge offers four layers of Belgian dark chocolate sponge, generously filled with layers of milk and white chocolate buttercream, and covered in chocolate shards.

This extra special cake not only has three times the chocolate, but it’s quadruple layered, but at the same price as our regular chocolate cake – only £16.50! It’s also available as a gluten-free triple chocolate cake – only £18.50.

Grab the deal while you can – these cakes won’t be around for long.


Fun Facts about Black Friday

With black Friday being the start of the biggest shopping weekend of the entire year, with amazing deals that people who literally act crazy for!

  • In the 1800’s, the term ‘Black Friday’ was used in reference to the stock market crashes.
  • The date of black Friday is always after Thanksgiving, the American holiday day.
  • Black Friday was once called ‘Big Friday’.
  • Black Friday has now spread to over 15 countries in the world.
  • On average, shoppers will wait 2.5 hours for a deal (do not worry we won’t make you wait).